Sir Spankey Themuncay

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Wait, that's not quite right. The information in this article is Non-Canon. Oh no!
Sir Spankey Themuncay
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  • Currently: Bopen's Undead Army
  • Formerly: His family
  • Father: Mike Jackson
  • Adoptive Father: Kormac
  • Brothers: Richard Lored, Inky, Blinky, Cawks Stompulous, Thanks
  • Sister: Penwar Lockis
  • StatusUndead
    Campaigns The Nuren Campaign

    Sir Spankey Themuncay Jackson (/sɚ spænki ðə mʌnki/), the eldest of seven, is a character portrayed by PauseUnpause during The Nuren Campaign. He is the leader of the party during the game.



    Sir Spankey Themuncay shows a deep care for his siblings, as present when he killed their father after witnessing his pedophilic behavior towards his brothers, and possibly himself. His brothers see him as their leader, though his leadership skills do not show during the Nuren Campaign. Sir Spankey Themuncay is also known to have a hatred of Gnomes.

    Notable Attributes[edit]

    Sir Spankey Themuncay is 269 years old.

    Powers & Abilities[edit]


    • Vampirism

    Lumberjack Abilities[edit]



    • Lumberjack Axe


    The Nuren Campaign[edit]

    Sir Spankey Themuncay and his seven siblings travel to Nisovin's Manor to receive a job that could pay them enough to retire. On the way to the village, Sir Spankey Themuncay and his younger sister Penwar Lockis have some conflict over the death of their father, but Sir Spankey Themuncay is able to provide closures for his younger sister as it was for a good reason. After receiving a novel containing information on Bopen's lair from Nisovin, Sir Spankey Themuncay, his family, and Kormac, one of Nisovin's minions, embark on their journey.

    Once arrived they proceed to the first room in Bopen's lair, finding Kormac surrounded by skeletons, and Penwar seemingly missing. After defeating the skeletons, Kormac leaves the dwarves again, in order to conduct his own business. Sir Spankey Themuncay is the only one to witness Kormac leaving, soliciting a hug that helped Sir Spankey Themuncay move on from his dad issues.

    In the next room the dwarves find a group of hostile Mermaids in the course of combating them, Sir Spankey Themuncay ends up enlarged, with two of the mermaids Honor Chained to him. Upon exiting the mermaid room, the giant Sir Spankey Themuncay encounters an Ogre who he engages in combat, dual wielding the mermaids, eventually killing the ogre by crushing him. After the battle is over, Kormac arrives to find the dwarves still screwing around, and the ogre dead. Frustrated, he tells them the ogre was a father of four, and the one who told him and Nisovin about Bopen. Kormac leaves once again, warning the brothers not to talk to the lion statue.

    Sir Spankey Themuncay and his family then enter the next room, where he summons a moose named Robert Moran during combat with some skeletons. After the skeletons have left, Sir Spankey Themuncay and his brothers ignored Kormac's warning and talked to the lion statue anyway. Managing to solve the lion's riddles, the statue crumbled to dust, opening up a cramped passage to a hidden room. There they met a Wizard called Coober, who said he was working for Nisovin to discover if Kormac had ulterior motives. Coober offered the group magical items in exchange for Inky enchanting his staff in order to open a black magic barrier; frustrated by the brothers inaction and squabbling, Coober teleported away.

    Around the corner from their encounter with Coober, Sir Spankey Themuncay discovered blood on the floor, which he accidentally falls into while attempting to investigate, drenching himself and his scraped up elbow in the unknown blood. The group then discover three Necromancers summoning a wave of Undead. As the undead begin to fill the room, Blinky, Inky, and Richard Lored collapse the exit in their panic to escape, cutting Sir Spankey Themuncay and his brothers off from Thanks. With the exit sealed off and their death seemingly imminent, Robert Moran sacrifices itself in order to let Sir Spankey Themuncay escape. After his brother Blinky's death, Sir Spankey Themuncay starts to gain vampire powers; traumatized, he runs into the skeletons who ignore him, and is able to sustain his sanity even after seeing Robert Moran's carcass.

    Running past the Sorcerers, Sir Spankey entered Lord Bopen's throne room, where he found Kormac on his knees in front of Bopen. After seeing Sir Spankey Themuncay, Bopen offers Sir Spankey Themuncay to join him as his minion and champion. Sir Spankey Themuncay agrees, but Bopen gave him one condition: that he had to kill Kormac with his lumberjack axe. Sir Spankey Themuncay initially refused, but eventually caved, breaking a cardinal lumberjack rule to kill Kormac.


    Sir Spankey Themuncay remained by Lord Bopen's side as a Undead, mindless minion.


    • The voice editor Pause uses to say Sir Spankey Themuncay is a reference to Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon from Rob's original series Unforgotten Realms.
    • Sir Spankey Themuncay broke the lumberjack code to only use your axe for chopping wood when he killed Kormac.
    • When Rob inquired where his name came from PauseUnpause's response was: "Thank you"[1]
    • Sir Spankey Themuncay was originally named "Sir Spanky the Monkey" but was later changed along with other character names from The Nuren Campaign.