Slippery Knuckles Malone

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"Slippery Knuckles" Malone

Dob BSQ Puppet.png
Race Gnome
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Berserker
Gender Male
Affiliations Unknown
Alias SK
Status Alive
Portrayed By Roamin
First Appearance The Blood Snake Queen

"Slippery Knuckles" Malone, often called "SK" is a Keen Gnome Berserker played by Roamin in The Blood Snake Queen Side Quest. SK is the leader of a band of experienced mercenaries along with Belladona von Feingart, Emit Crank, and Dob.



In Puppet Pals, SK is created by the Roamin base with the shirtless body selected and the Dwarven helmet accessory selected. As a tile, he is represented by the round Roamin tile with a blue background.


SK Malone has a very powerful personality, often taking charge and making fast decisions with the trust that his teammates can follow through them. He is, however, very forgetful, to the point of forgetting his own given name and the ability to Bearserk.


SK has a very open relationship with his teammates. With Belladona, whom he calls Sauerkraut, they share being open about their sexual relief. With Dob, he allows the Porc to satisfy his curiosity by emulating him.

Powers & Abilities


Berserker Abilities






SK Malone is known to have been a very aggressive young Berserker, having earned the nickname "Slippery Knuckles" due to his bloody hands every time he fell into a fit of rage in battle. Over time, he forgot his own first name and soon met up with Belladona von Feingart, Emit Crank, and Dob. Together they started a successful mercenary group.

The Blood Snake Queen


Upon discovery of the Blood Snake Queen, the team failed to get away with their first attack, returning back to the safety of the cave's entrance and deciding they were paid enough for their jobs anyway. They proceeded to leave the cave, also leaving the Blood Snake Queen alive, and start a new adventure elsewhere.