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ro water filter" style="max-width:420px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Over the past several months, hundreds of households in CT15 and CT16 buildings of Hong Ha Eco City urban area, also known as Tu Hiep new urban area (Thanh Tri, Hanoi), have been very upset and bewildered because of drinking water. suddenly full of sediment with worms, larvae.

According to households, browse around this website phenomenon started in August 2016. The running water discharged from the faucet suddenly turned black in the early morning. During the day, the water turns yellowish-brown, with a lot of piggy deposits, and worms and larvae are present, and the sediment appears on the bottom like a long stagnant water in the jar.

It is known that this water source is provided by Hoang Mai Clean Water Business Enterprise, and the distribution to each household is made by the building management. Remarkably, even with a water filter installed, the water is still so dirty that the filter that can only withstand a maximum of 1 week will become ineffective. Ms. Đ.T.M (CT16 house) said that the family had to install a filter immediately, but within a few days, the water filter in some places turned black. A lot of times, the water came out and the black thing looked creepy. Sometimes it is yellowish and dull. In particular, the bath water does not have a filter, sometimes making people shiver because of the insects sticking to the skin. The drinking water is yellow and dirt makes many households very worried.

Domestic water is yellow and dirty, making many households very worried.
Service installed filters, water purifiers for families here suddenly flourished. The mechanic always does manual work without running out. They said that they had to come to each household to replace the filter regularly, because within a few days it was ineffective, so that the installers did not dare to make another short-term warranty commitment because the machine was overloaded. The price for each filter is an average of 200,000 VND and must be constantly changed, causing many families extremely urgent, the price for "clean" water rises while the cost of living water is still paid equally.

According to the households, they have proposed to the building management, but only received the answer that the exact cause has not been found. "They push that water may precipitate due to weather, low temperatures or buoys, and the water is automatically discharged into the chisel to stir up the lower floors. Some of the first houses will suffer from the above phenomenon, "said Mr. B.T.Luu (CT 15).

Currently, the filters and filters that people equip themselves are only sufficient to provide priority water for cooking, bath water, washing ... families have to collect themselves in buckets, sinks, tanks ... and wait for their own deposition. course. The management board and the households took samples of the water to test themselves, the results showed that the pollution of organic impurities was more than 2 times higher than the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

The situation of contaminated domestic water does not only take place in a specific area, many readers in areas along the capital also reflect the same situation for the "clean" water source but they are forced to use daily living activities. day.

Readers of N.X.Hai in Mai Dong area reflect that, from December 2016 to now, many households often have to use precipitated and yellow water. The area's clean water enterprise has allowed people to check and confirm the phenomenon, but so far basically no yellow water but sediment still appears.

Many readers in Linh Nam, Yen So and Ta Thanh Oai, Thanh Tri districts also reflect where they live, the water is not so black, but it has always been yellow for a long time, not much different. With the situation of the apartment building in the above mentioned Tu Hiep New Urban Area, it is even more worried to know that the "clean" water source of this area is exploited right next to the Nhue River stinking smell of To Lich River. .

Besides water quality, the amount of water in many areas next summer is also in a state of concern. On February 17, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung led the Government mission to inspect the implementation of a number of specialized plannings in the master plan on development of Hanoi Capital. The city report shows that, in terms of water supply, the total capacity of Hanoi's water plants and water supply stations is about 1,050,000 m3 / day and night, and the urban water supply coverage is at 96%.

Total water demand of the Capital in 2017 is about 1,350,000m3 / day and night, in 2018 about 1,450,000m3 / day and night. Thus, compared with the forecast of water demand of Hanoi in the period from 2017 to 2018, the amount of water shortages is about 300,000 - 350,000m3 / day and night, not including expansion areas of the network. water supply.

With the current management and practice, in the immediate future, many areas of Hanoi residents will still have to suffer from water and dirty water shortage in daily life, especially when the hot weather is coming.