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The Sun Cleric class of Unforgotten Realms Live can harness the power of the Sun to smite foes and rejuvenate allies. The Sun Cleric's abilities may also create or detonate Suntiles which can deal massive damage to those who don't watch their step. It was first seen in Roamin's Band of Thieves, but first became a playable class in The Sunswords.


Name / Description Spell gem.png Melee gem.png Range gem old.png Radius Gem.png Interrupt gem.png Limited gem.png Stamina Cost Image
Starting Gear and Passives +5
Sun Clerics start with 2000 gold. When you deal damage with your Sun Cleric abilities create a Suntile in an adjacent space that explodes and burns foes that pass over it for 2 damage. Whenever a Suntile, or multiple Suntiles, explode on a target, you may immediately use one of your Sun Cleric abilities as a bonus action.
Aurora Borealis Yes 10 Combat 3
A wave of colorful lights flies over the battlefield shooting down 20 bolts of pure sun energy. These bolts deal 1 damage or restore 1 stamina to each target hit.
Consecration Yes Yes 3 1
Release a ring of yellow sunfire that deals 1 damage plus an additional damage for each suntile adjacent to you.
Solar Eruption Yes 5 Yes Round 3
Detonate a suntile in range sending an explosion toward another adjacent space. This explosion does 3 damage or knocks a target back 2 spaces.
Sunbolt Yes 5 1
Release two bolts of sun energies at up to two different targets that each deal 2 damage.
Sunwall Armor Yes Round 3
Enshell you and your allies with an armor made of pure sun energies. If you or your ally is attacked, they restore 1 stamina and you deal 1 damage to the attacker.

Notable Sun Clerics