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This is a list of derogatory terms used by characters in URealms Live, URealms Side Quest and Coe's Quest.

Spoken Word Meaning Notes
Dabber A derogatory term used against those from Abracadab This has only been seen used by Noxel in Kobold Headhunters.
Fey A word commonly used by Elves to call someone a sissy or betraying their race. (Such as viewing Goblins as people.) This word is used similarly to 'gay' in our world.
Gem Licker/Sucker This term is used against those of another species that are attracted to Kobold women/men. Alternatively those who are attracted to Kobold men are called "Rock Gobbler."
"Moist" A swear word used exclusively by Gnomes, against gnomes. This is because it is spoken at such a high frequency that only Gnomes can hear it. Because of its high frequency, the word "moist" is often used as a placeholder by other races to describe it.
Porker A non-Porc who enjoys sexual relations with Porcs. This was mentioned in passing during Murder Bros.
Salmo A term that used by High Bears to refer to individuals of another race. Used more as a dismissal than an actual insult as High Bears think lowly of other races. Used by an unidentified High Bear to dissuade the party from interfering in his conflict with Ursa Faiden in Woodcarvers.
Smoothie A Kobold who has an attraction for races that are not Kobolds. This was mentioned by Empusa during Murder Bros towards Conner because of his attraction to Jessabelle Marie.
A'nu A racial slur used by High Bears to refer to Low Bears (High Bears that have been disgraced). This was the answer to one of the question Coober asked for his game show.