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The Templar class of URealms Live is a tank with a shield that can block attacks for their allies, whilst granting them bonuses through their many different auras.


Name / Description Spell gem.png Melee gem.png Range gem old.png Radius Gem.png Interrupt gem.png Limited gem.png Stamina Cost Image
Starting Gear and Passives +10 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
You start with 2500 gold.

You may start with the Colossal Attribute. You start with a Legion Shield.

Templars may put Passive cards into their Ability slots.
Aura of Constitution [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Your Allies' Armour always grants at least 15 Stamina. At the start of combat, your Allies gain Shield equal to their maximum Stamina.
Aura of Dexterity [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Your Allies have an additional Move Action each round of combat. Whenever you block with your shield, you may then move up to 5 spaces as an Immediate Bonus Action.
Aura of Faith [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Your Allies may choose an additional Ability from their Class at character creation. Whenever an Ally rolls a Critical Success, restore all of your Stamina.
Aura of Strength [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Your Allies deal double damage with their Basic Attacks. Whenever you Block with your shield, you may counter attack with a Basic Attack that deals double damage as an Immediate Bonus Action.
Aura of Wealth [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Your Allies may each select a random Treasure Item from a selection of three at character creation. At the end of combat, you may select a random Treasure Item from a selection of three.
Aura of Wisdom [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Your Allies' Class Spell Abilities do not cost Stamina. At the start of each round, you may give your Move, Regular and/or Anytime Actions to an Ally to use as Immediate Bonus Actions.

Notable Templars


  • Raynel was the original character to be featured on the Templar's cards.