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Sample Name
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RaceSample Race
ClassSample Class
AffiliationSample Affiliation
GenderSample Gender
RelationshipsSample Relationship
StatusSample Status
AliasSample Alias
ActorSample Actor
Campaigns Sample Campaigns
SeasonsSample Seasons

Name and here is where you would put a short description of the character including race, class, who played them and in what campaign.



Description of what the character looks like.


How the character usually acts and behaves. Personal quirks and that kind of information.

Notable Attributes

Anything else that describe their characteristics that does not fall into the other subheadings.


Person A

Describing the relationship character has with this other character. Why do they have this relationship? How did this relationship come to existence?

Character Inventory

List of cards that the character has in their inventory.

Powers & Abilities Belongings


Any Race, Class, Cornerstone, and Attribute cards.


Passives the character is affected by.


Ability cards the character has.

Former Abilities

Any cards that are no longer associated with the character for whatever reason.


Any Items, Weapons, Treasure, or Armor cards.

Former Belongings

Any cards that have been lost for whatever reason.


Companion A

Basic description for the companion and relationship with its character.

Campaign 1

Describe the companion's involvement with the first campaign it appeared in / any other notable events that happened to the companion during this campaign.

Companion Inventory

List of cards that apply to the companion

Sample Name
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RaceSample Race
GenderSample Gender
Capable of SpeechSample Talk
StatusSample Status
Campaigns Sample Campaigns



Background lore that is established about a character, this is usually described in the first minutes of the campaign.

Campaign 1

Link to campaigns that the character has been a part of and summary here of the character's actions/involvement during the campaign.


What the character's current status or where the character was last seen and how come.


Optional, interesting stuff that doesn't have a place somewhere else.