The Beenu Apparition

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Campaigns Unexpected Discovery

The Beenu Apparition was a specter that appeared in Unexpected Discovery while the party was telling ghost stories.



The Beenu Apparition was a hooded figure shrouded in darkness. It wears a robe that covers most of its body with what appear to be feathers coming out of its sleeves.


It has a very somber voice and appears to be a bit sarcastic. It also seems to get distracted as it lost its train of thought and had to leave for a bit to recollect its thoughts.


Unexpected Discovery[edit]

At first when the figure appeared, Karl Landers was upset he didn't get to tell his ghost story, so after Karl told his story the apparition told "the story of the beenu". It claimed that before the party were created, the beenu existed among elves, gods and bears as the caretakers of the world. It said that they built the technology in Zelfatar. It said that they caused the Birth of Magic, it said they did not know the outcome of their actions, but "nothing stops progress, nothing stops improvement". It said they created the divine and turned the moon from a bright star to the dark force it is now. It lost its train of though, and Denzik told a campfire story. After this story, the apparition continued to say that they killed the moon, and that they have no way to breed or mate, and they therefore died because they couldn't reproduce. Note that this is what was said by the apparition and should not be taken as definite canon.

The apparition then allowed each member of the party to ask it three questions. Raynel asked it to cure her vision, and it did so with a mechanical arm from the wall. Sonya asked if she could ask a question, and the apparition answered yes, and then Raynel asked what Sonya asked. Karl asked who will win in the eaglebear superbowl race and the apparition answered "the jetsteelers". Sonya asked if the apparition could expand on how the beenu killed the moon, and the apparition said no, it does not know about how it happened. Sonya then asked if she made the "music stop" and the apparition answered yes (this was because Rob turned the music off for the stream). Karl asked where other beenu might be, and the apparition marked the location of various positions on a map. Karl then asked where he could find someone to grant him wishes, and the apparition said it is behind the wall of the dungeon. Raynel asked about how to get behind the wall, and the beenu listed several methods of breaking the wall such as eating it, blowing it up, using the secret passage and casting spells at it. Denzik asked about the secret passage, and the apparition confirmed it existed. The beenu said that divines can grant wishes as they can create anything, and that the the party besides Raynel were created by divines. Denzik asked why Raynel is different, and the apparition said that she is a gnome and did not know the origin of gnomes. It said that Thor created dwarves, the shellmind, and the forn, Thor created many things. Denzik then asked when he will die, and it answered that he chooses his own fate, and then elaborated by saying his "controller" chooses when he dies. It then disappeared.