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This is a selection of Quotes from The Cobblers.

Player Quotes[edit]


"That was 500 dollars of failure"
-Rob after Justin gets a 1 while playing anti-party
"Let me penetrate dome girl's bubble!"
-Rob during an encounter
"Madame, you are hurting me emotionally. And you have a passive that says you can’t do that"
-Rob in reference to Eliza Cobbler's attribute

Borris Cobbler[edit]

Beautressa Cobbler[edit]

Eliza Cobbler[edit]

Kristy Cobbler[edit]

NPC Quotes[edit]


Rob: *Hits Justin for 20 damage*
Deadbones: "Justin should have 2 health, 'cause he was at 22"
Rob: "Was he at 22?"
Deadbones: "Yep"
Rob: "Really?"
Deadbones: "Yep"
Rob: "It did 22 damage"
-Rob trying to knock Justin uncounscious