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This is a selection of Quotes from The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.

Player Quotes[edit]


  • "For some reason your saber has a +2 bonus against doors."
- Rob trying to repair the mistake of forgetting to bring items over to the next map.
  • "Any situations you hit a 1 near puppies, is gonna hurt puppies."
- Warning the team not to roll 1's.
  • "This is my favorite encounter yet!"
- While trying his best to kill the puppies and laughing himself to death.
  • "These puppies aren't the right scale. Let me shrink them down a bit."
- Rob trying to make the puppies fall through the grates.


  • "Did you let Octivias squirt some of his yogurt in your mouth?"
- Asking why the crew took so long to assemble.
  • "Weigh anchor, boys!"
- When using the skill of the same name.


  • "Oh yeah, the boat!"
- When forgetting the boat does not steer itself.

Kinney Boots[edit]

  • "Tears don't make good seasoning, smiles do."
- Deadbones explaining why chefs are happy, not sad.
  • "Buckle buddies!"
- Kinney to whomever she is buckled to.
  • "Buckle puppies!"
- When buckling a puppy to herself.
  • "Guess what Jake's getting shoved up his ass? It's a fucking electric mace!"
-While trying to kill Jakelad.

Jo Krysstal[edit]

  • "Dude, I did a damn 'Flipsy Floo'!"
-After it's suggested they try leaving the temple again.

NPC Quotes[edit]


Jakelad: "Hey Captain, knock-knock."
Merci: "Who's there?"
Rob: "Combat has started."
- Rob starting the harpy combat.

Deadbones: "We don't know how many arms it has!"
Roamin: "Well I know it has two less!"
- Deadbones and Roamin arguing about how to fight the Behemoth.

Deadbones: "Why can I not just pick up the basket?"
Rob: "You can try that, yeah."
Deadbones: "I'm just gonna grab two puppies!"
- When the team is trying to save three puppies from fire.

Jo: "Alright. Guys, I don't think we can leave."
Kinney: "Well...welcome to our new home everybody!"
Jo: "I think that was the best chance I had of getting out of here."
Kinney: "Let's make it feel like home, yeah?"
Jo: "Let's go deeper, maybe we'll find some shit. Come on!"
McCoy: [To Jo] "Squid hi-5!"
Jo: [To McCoy] "Uh, no."
Kinney: "Capitan?"
Merci: "That looked like our best possible shot."
Kinney: "Capitan?"
Merci: "Let's just go in there."
Octivias: [Talking over others] "Captain I have an idea."
Merci: "Hold on, one at a damn time!"
Octivias: "I have an idea!"
Merci: "First, go 'Skinny'."
Kinney: [Surprised] "What? No. Let the Porc talk. I don't fuckin...whatever..."
Merci: "Alright. What do you want Octivias?"
Octivias: "What if we try it again, but with the other statue to try to get past it this time."
Jo: [Angrily] "Dude, I did a damn 'Flippsy Floo' and I didn't get through that!"
Octivias: "Yeah, but you're not a Porc, you're a Kobold. Maybe you're just too slow...and fat..."
Jo: [Hurt] "Woooooww."
[Short pause]
Merci: "He might be right about that."
[Rob laughs]
Merci: [Quickly] "Let's try um..." [Merci leaves]
Jo: [Shocked and hurt] "Wooooooowwww."
McCoy: [To Jo] "Yeah, you really went to town on that fish yogurt."
Jo: [Angrily] "That's it! I'm done!" [Jo leaves]
McCoy: "I mean come on, stop when you're full dude." [McCoy follows Jo]
[Short Pause]
[Octivias leaves]
Kinney: "I hate every single one of you people." [Kinney leaves]
- The team trying to figure out what to do next after Jo fails to get past a Temple Guardian.