The Last Beenu

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This article is about the Season 3 Campaign. For the final member of the Beenu race, see Norokoh Xhir't.

Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!

Season 3
Air Date: May 12th, 2018
The Last Beenu
Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator

The Last Beenu is the 8th campaign of Season 3, and aired on May 12th, 2018.

Bei Mei Xhir't and Lyn Azveltara's relationship has soured, and their cursed Beenu child Norokoh Xhir't is beginning to reach the age of maturity. Against Lyn's wishes, Bei Mei has begun to train Norokoh into becoming a master assassin just like her mothers. Our campaign starts with Norokoh's first assassination mission. Before leaving for her first mission, Norokoh has adopted the pseudonym Ghostblade. This alias is more than just a nickname to Norokoh though as Ghostblade will become a new identity for her to live her life. An identity we learn about in today's Campaign.



Character Race Class Player
DeadbonesGamePiece.png Gherkin Porc Booty Raider DeadBones
JustinGamePiece.png [[]] Gnome Spellthief Justin
RoaminGamePiece.png Miles Dwarf Fleshweaver Roamin
SpiffGamePiece.png Nesbin Porc Bard Spiff


Character Race Class
Ghostblade Icon.png Norokoh Xhir't Beenu
Lyn Azveltara Icon.png Lyn Azveltara Azveltarian Petalwalker
100px Bei Mei Xhir't Azveltarian Sharpsword
Maelstrom Icon.png Maelstrom Divine Being Kobold Sandbender
Empusa Icon.png Empusa Kobold
  • - Teaser Only

Battle Encounters


Lore Established

Major Lore

Minor Lore

Notable Spoken Dialogue

Timeline Placement

  • Norokoh Xhir't has been born. Since her conception occurred after the events of the Beenu Purge, The Last Beenu must occur after Azveltara Z.
  • Note: The teaser for the Campaign takes place much later in the timeline, and as such should be considered separate in the timeline.

Episode Guide

Title Airdate
The Last Beenu Teaser May 7, 2018

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