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|name= The Many Gogos of Pat
|name= The Many Gogos of Pat

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The Many Gogos of Pat
Original Air Date: June 27th, 2015
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The Many Gobos of Pat was the fourth official campaign of Unforgotten Realms Live, which aired on Saturday, June 27th. The leader for this campaign was Roamin, playing as a pair of conjoined twin goblins along with their adoptive siblings.



Character Race Class Player
Dankie Hobgoblin (Goblin) Booty Raider Coestar
Don Donkey None Coestar
Warren Greenskin Goblin Theurgist Roamin
Terrence Greenskin Goblin Booty Raider Roamin
Pryor Greenskin Goblin Monk Deadbones
Madelyne Greenskin Goblin Lumberjack Deadbones
Desnuttes Hobgoblin (Goblin) Wizard Justin

Warren and Terrence are twins conjoined at the midsection, and Pryor is Madelene's father. All are under the care of an elf named Pattenborrow Threecircle.


Character Race Class
Pattenborrow Elf Paladin
Willis Dwarf Paladin


The many gobos of Pat are a piecemeal group of downtrodden goblins that came into the care of the elf paladin Pattenborrow Threecircle. On a specialy day marking the anniversary of Pattenborrow taking the goblins in, his home is raided by dwarven paladins. After much resisting, Pattenborrow is beheaded and the goblins are taken to a Paladin Arena where they are forced to partake in gladiator style death-games.

Their first foes are two Elaphelks who soon use Earthquake which permanently damages the arena for the rest of the matches that follow. Dankie tries to mount each of the elaphelks repeatedly but with only mild success. After our heroes fight them to half their energy armor falls from the sky to land on the elaphelks backs. The Goblins are not aware, but this armor causes the elaphelks to not take damage from spell, and then cast the spell back soon after. A momma elaphelk joins the fight but are all three defeated.

In the second arena fight they face six Kobolds. Dankie rushes in but is wounded from the fight and is knocked out. He later dies when the crowd throws a donkey on him from the stands. After the party defeats the Kobolds and the Groundbolds that the Kobolds bribed to fight for them, they discover that the Donkey is sentient and names it Don.

For the final arena battle the party conspires with their opponent Heather to attack Willis, the leader of the Dwarven Paladins because they are told that Heather is Pattenborrow's daughter. However, Pat manages to establish a mental link with Desnuttes and can tell them Heather is not his daughter. Heather then reveals herself to be a medusa who is mind-controlling the dwarf. She only pretended to be Pat's daughter hoping to trick Desnuttes into giving her the magical necklace he got from Pat. The medusa also mind-controls Don, but in the end Terrance manages to finish her off with a golden shot, releasing everyone from her mind-control and saving them.

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  • This campaign was originally going to air June 20th, but was delayed a week.
  • Dankie's death was the first time a party member died in an Unforgotten Realms Live campaign.
  • The campaign was affected by "the Curse of K4". After the party saw K4 (from Roamin's Band of Thieves) on a crystal flatscreen the number 4 seemed to be rolled an unusual number of times.
  • In the final encounter, the number 4 was rolled 10 times in just 60 rolls.