The Murder Bros

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This article is about the Organization. For the Season 2 Campaign, see Murder Bros.

The Murder Bros

The Murder Bros Sixelona.png
Status Mostly Arrested
First Appearance Murder Bros

The Murder Bros are a group of Kobold bandits, led by Empusa and Chimera, that first appeared in Murder Bros.



Located in the mountains a few miles from the Silverflats, the Murder Bros repurposed an old ore mine as their base of operations shortly after forming. Most of the original murder bros gang had grown up in these mountains when they use to be a resting place for the Dragon Aspect Golestandt. Having grown up confusing the Dragons Scales for rocks, the gang was formed when they realized the wealth they could make by selling the scales themselves. When the Golestandt awoke and left the Silverfiats, the gang found themselves with a massive problem. They had grown dependent on the Scales both financially and physically. They started to become more than just common thieves they would now pillage towns all over the realms searching and stealing any silver they could find. Unlike with other races, Silver does more than just prolonging life by revert the age of your body, for Kobolds Silver warps the mind and body in ways we still don't fully understand.

Murder Bros[edit]






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