The New Crew

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The New Crew
Original Air Date: September 12th, 2015
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The New Crew is the ninth official campaign of Unforgotten Realms Live, and aired on September 12th, 2015. In this campaign, the Bocoe hires new crew members for a new Pirate adventure.



Character Race Class Player
Polo Icon.png Polo Greenskin Goblin Buccaneer Roamin
Marco Icon.png Marco Greenskin Goblin Swashbuckler Roamin
Cain Icon.png Cain Black Boar Porc Warrior Deadbones
Ladyir Icon.png Young Ladyir Noble Born Elf Wizard Justin
Rick Snot Icon.png Rick Snot Spellblade Elf Wizard Coestar


Character Race Class
Merci Icon.png Merci Gravehoof Porc Buccaneer
McCoy Icon.png McCoy Bone Tusk Porc Swashbuckler
Jo Krysstal Icon.png O' Jo Krysstal Triton Ground Kobold Booty Raider
Octivias Icon.png Octivias Black Boar Porc Lumberjack
Kinney Boots Icon.png Kinney Boots Seaswagger Kobold Swashbuckler
Maelstrom.png Maelstrom Triton Ground Kobold Unknown
Phineas Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Noble Born Elf Cabalist
Bob Icon.png Bob Keen Gnome Paladin
Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Elf Paladin

Battle Encounters

Plot Summary

Currently not done fully, but CS1 has this write-up on it. It is currently longer than the average plot summary, but useful if anyone cares to condense it.


  • This is the first campaign that continues the story of a previous campaign.
  • Coestar is the fifth person to keep a Tambok Ticket for Tambok's Special Friend Show. He adds Terrence, and by extension Warren, to the show, despite Rob's comments on it being "Awkward for this type of show."

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