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* [[Dwarf|Dwarves]]
* [[Dwarf|Dwarves]]
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* [[Gnome|Gnomes]]
* [[Elf|Elves]]

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The Silverflats

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The Silverflats is a small town that appeared in the Murder Bros campaign. The town is currently being run by a mix of Dwarves and Elves under the leadership of the Gandolin Elder Family.

Points of Interest

Known Buildings

  • A jail
  • A tavern
  • A train station, with access to a railway track that leads to the Silvermine Mountains

Known Residents



The Silverflats was a mining town set up by Elves to mine the scales of Golestandt. It was the third resting place of Golestandt and is still very active today as a refuelling stop for trains bound to the Silvermine Mountains.

Murder Bros