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This is a selection of Quotes from The Silvermine Mountains.

Player Quotes


  • "Only Rick Snot has the power of 'Ahem'!"
- Rob really not wanting the 'Ahem' ability to return.
  • "DeadBones, I need the name of a mutual friend that doesn't exist."
- When role playing as Gwyneth and Kallark.
  • "It’s definitely a ray of yogurt."
- When talking about the “yoghurt elemental’s” ability.
  • "He fingers you to come out."
- When talking about Margaret O'Malley pushing Khn'n-Rell out of his cell.
  • "I don’t think DeadBone's puppet has a naked body."
- When all the puppets are getting naked.
  • "You just toss the air."
- Rob talking about Khn'n-Rell’s actions once he’s crazy.
  • "Yeah, that’s it. You leave the jail."
- Rob realizing he used the wrong word.
  • "I’m trying to figure out how I can say this without saying it."
- Rob wanting Gwenyth to be vague.
  • "Guys, I don't like butt fish yogurt plotlines."
- When Roamin "gives a present" to two Porcs.
  • That's the gayest thing we've ever done, Roamin."
- After Gwyneth (Rob) and Xavius (Roamin) had a romantic conversation.
  • "Bleeding out of his... penis hole... I guess..."
- When Gwyneth and the others finds Chilly.
  • "You win the first URealms Live Season, congratulations!"
- When T. Neconni is first thrown over the wall.


  • "Corporal Ice Lord casts his pet DeNada into battle."
- Joking about Ice Lord being a higher rank than DeNada.


  • "I killed all the children then burned it down."
- When talking about his crime.
  • "I'm real good with kids."
- When picking a cell mate.
  • "I'm a rock hard man man."
- Rusty commenting on his Stoneskin ability.
  • "Here’s how it’s going to go down: you sleep on the toilet."
- Rusty respond to his call mate because there’s only one bed.
  • "On the floor shithouse."
- when talking to Shaneil.
  • "He’s got 100 wooden teeth."
- Rusty talking about Khn'n-Rell to Shaneil.
  • "I have no interest in becoming a skeleton slimy goopy man man."
- When Rusty went in the secret meeting talking to Khn'n-Rell.


  • "It’s like a chilly willies fight club."
- After Elmar and Denada almost play Chilly Willies.


  • "Good good, jokes are always funny when you explain them."
- When talking about Rob explain the switching of Margot/Margret.
  • "I'm pooping on Deadbones."
- When being forced to expel the Fish Yogurt from his body.

Margaret O'Malley

  • "I don’t know!"
- When talking to Xavius when asked why he was in the Silver Mine Mountains.
  • "Do you have theme nights for dinner?"
- When talking about dinner in The Silvermine Mountains to Xavius.
  • "Why did I hire you to kill the orphanage, you can’t even walk straight."
- Margaret talking about Rusty when he slipped on fish yogurt.


  • “I walked into this elven village, and it wasn't on fire, so I had to fix that”
- When asked about his crime.
  • “It was artistic differences. They saw themselves not on fire. I saw them on fire.”
- Elaborating about his crime.
  • "When you mine, it's kind of like you're stabbing the rock."
- Making Rufio dislike mining silver.
  • "This is not your deaths, this is a rebirth, you are broken and I am fixing you, what are we doing here, we are bringing a dead- dying race back from extinction, with the help from…"
- Khn'n-Rell’s speech at the summoning.

Trusty Neconni

  • "Do you have any free samples?"
- When talking about the silver from the mine.
  • "Oh my gooooooooooooood!"
- After Khn'n-Rell snaps the Shaneil's neck.

NPC Quotes

Chilly Wizzy

  • “He kind of looks like Xavius.”
- When Margaret is in Xavius' guard uniform.
  • “You down for a game of... Chilly Willies?”
- When talking to DeNada


  • “One ice man coming right up!”
- when summoning an ice elemental.


  • "Well... you hired someone to kill kids, you killed the kids, killed lots of people including kids, and burned down an elf village, probably filled with kids."
- Gwyneth when she was checking why the characters were in the prison.
  • "Are the prisoners having babies?!"
- Gwyneth learning that there are children in the Silvermine Mountain.
  • "It’s just too strong, Kallark."
- when talking to Kallark about his smell.
  • "Yeah, I've spent plenty of evenings trying to forget that part of you."
- when talking about Kallark's dwarf part of his dwelf.
  • "And check on Xavius. Knowing him, he has either gotten himself killed or locked in a jail cell."
- Talking to DeNada.
  • "Just take the kids. And if somethings happens to them, it’s your fault. And it won’t be the first time you've ruined a kid for me."
- Gwyneth letting Kallark take the kids out of the prison.

Xavius Barringster

  • "That’s the silver! Isn't it obvious?"
- When talking about the “shining ore in the Silvermine Mountains".

Kallark Gandolin

  • "Here’s your form!"
- Kallark sticking up middle finger trying to get the kobold kids with him.
  • "Hey guys, Carlos is wondering “Where the bitches at?”, I'm just asking."
- Randomly interrupting Xavius and Gwenyth.
  • "I can tell you’re a cool guy, ice elemental joke, haha, very funny."
- When Kallark is talking to DeNada.
  • "I really don’t want them to die to the debt."
- When talking to Carlos.
  • "Gwen, look! 3 Hands!"
- Trying to get Gwen's attention.


  • "Kids are delicious!"
- Carlos Talking to Kallark.
  • "I break a lot of walls. Left walls, right walls, third walls, fifth walls, but not fourth ones."
- Carlos Talking to Kallark.
  • "How about we just steal the kids?"
- Carlos Talking to Kallark.
  • "No, we’re not going to hurt Xavius, because that’s what you want!"
- Trying to convince Kallark to follow his plan.


  • "I'm calm when I'm not awake."
- When talking to Khn'n-Rell.
  • "ONLY ONE!"
- Rufio talking about girlfriends in the secret meeting

The Porcs

  • "But we were about to get dessert!"
- Deadbones as a porc when Roamin would poop fish yoghurt in his hand.
  • "The fish yoghurt has fish in it, and fish have ears!!"
- Rob as a porc in the group convo at chow time.
  • "Can I have two prizes?"
- Deadbones as a porc talking through the bars to Margaret.
  • "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… we're in jail?"
- Justin as a porc in the group conversation at chow time.
  • "I tried to end this but but you wouldn't get off the fucking screen."
- Rob as talking as one of the porcs but being meta at the same time.
  • "Can I lick your butt?"
-Deadbones as talking as one of the porc prisoners wanting to eat fish yoghurt from Margaret O'Malley’s butt.
  • "Can I have more fish yoghurt from your butt?"
-Deadbones as a porc prisoner wanting more fish yoghurt.


  • "Chow time!"
-A guard telling the prisoners it’s time to eat.


Porc: "Is this a trick question?"

Khn'n-Rell: "It depends, you gonna give a trick answer?"
- Khn'n-Rell in the secret meeting.

Shaneil: "You’re so generous Rusty Rusty!"
Rusty: "The name’s Rusty Rusty."
-Shaneil's confusion with Rusty's dvergr dvergrs language.

Porc: "Heya, Steve."
Steve: "Yes, NameIdon’tremember?"
Porc: "You haven’t given him a name yet."
Steve: "Yes, Bill?"
- Steve talking another porc.