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===Major Lore===
===Major Lore===
* The events of this campaign are played out.
* The events of this campaign are played out.
* All characters listed above (except Dave, Gwyneth Sunsword, Phinease Barringster, and Jakelad) are introduced, most notably [[Kallark Gandolin]] and [[Rufio]].
* All characters listed above (except Dave, Gwyneth Sunsword, Phinease Barringster, and Jakelad) are introduced.
** It is established that Kallark has a spirit animal who takes the form of a Funk.
* The Sunsword Military is introduced.
** By extension the Sunsword Military is introduced.
* The following beast species were introduced: Ogre, Funk.
* The following beast species were introduced: Ogre, Funk.
* The following magical species were introduced: Ytt.
* The following magical species were introduced: Ytt.
* The Silvermine Mountains are introduced.
* The Silvermine Mountains are introduced.
* The Tambok Special Friend Show and Tambok Tickets are introduced.
* The Tambok Special Friend Show and Tambok Tickets are introduced.
* [[Kallark]] gains a spirit animal in the form of the imaginary Funk, Carlos.
* [[Ian Bates]], [[Fizzy Wizzy]], [[Greeky|Greeky's]] brother, and [[Gwyneth Sunword|Gwyneth's]] and [[Kallark Gandolin|Kallark's]] unborn child die.
===Minor Lore===
===Minor Lore===

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This article is about the Season 1 Campaign. For other uses, see Sunsword (Disambiguation).

Season 1
Air Date: July 11th, 2015
The Sunswords
The Many Gobos of Pat
The Unseen Rogues

The Sunswords is the fifth official Campaign of URealms Live, which aired on July 11th, 2015. In the campaign, Gwyneth Sunsword and her team lead a caravan of prisoners towards the Silvermine Mountains.



Character Race Class Player
Bob Icon.png Bob Keen Paladin Justin
Dave Icon.png Dave Elf Wizard Coestar
Kallark Gandolin Icon.png Kallark Gandolin Dwelf Suncleric Deadbones
Xavius Barringster Icon.png Xavius Barringster Elf Thane Roamin


Character Race Class
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Gwyneth Sunsword Elf Suncleric
Phineas Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Elf Cabalist
Fizzy Wizzy Fizzy Wizzy Elf Wizard
Rufio Icon.png Rufio Elf Sorcerer
Zack Zack Elf
Ian Bates Ian Bates Elf
Funk Icon.png Carlos Funk
Greeky Greeky Goblin
Jakelad Icon.png Jakelad Porc Bard
Mormo Mormo Kobold Sorcerer
Goggles Goggles Kobold
Rebooc Rebooc Kobold Wizard
Gunter Icon.png Gunter Kobold
Unter Icon.png Unter Kobold

Battle Encounters

Plot Summary

Gwyneth Sunsword heads a caravan of three captive Kobolds and a Porc traveling towards their prison at the Silvermine Mountains. She is accompanied by her current boyfriend Kallark Gandolin, her two ex-boyfriends Xavius and Bob, and fan fiction writer Dave. As they prepare to head off, the four meet with the rest of the Elves in the group. Ian Bates is a new recruit, Rufio is enthusiastic to read Dave's fanfic starring Rufio as Gwyneth's boyfriend, Zack tries to sell a condo to Xavius, and Fizzy Wizzy has pyrophobia but only knows Fireball. They also check in with the four prisoners in the carriage. Goggles is obsessed with treasures, Mormo pretends to be blind to touch the faces of others, Rebooc is a straggler who only says "Kobold", and Jakelad finishes a song about Kobolds with help from Kallark.

When the caravan enters a canyon, Gwyneth warns the others of Ytts, monkey-like rock creatures that take on the appearance of their attackers. As the group starts attacking, Ian is accidentally shot by Bob, is pulled from a large boulder's path to safety by Xavius, goes unconscious, is used by Xavius as a meat shield from another one of Bob's stray arrows, and dies. The boulder pins Kallark to the canyon wall, so he casts Enlarge on himself and crushes it. The Ytts begin to randomly morph into Characters from other campaigns, and two Ytts jumps into Gwyneth and Rufio, controlling their minds to attack the party briefly. Dave realizes he left his personal chest behind, and spends the rest of the combat retrieving it. The enlarged Kallark picks up the carriage, moves ahead in the canyon, and catches a boulder to throw at a Ytt along the way. The rest of the Ytts are cleared out and the party passes through the canyon.

Gwyneth is aggravated with the team, especially Bob, for their costly mistakes. The caravan camps at a river to rest up, and Gwyneth professes to Kallark that she is pregnant and cannot lead the Sunswords in the future. She makes Kallark promise to keep it a secret, despite his eagerness to tell the others. As Xavius and Rufio go to bury Ian, Xavius uses the Spell of Bearding on himself in order to win back Gwyneth. Dave arrives, also with a beard, to pay respects to Ian. Bob checks over the prisoners again, during which Goggles reveals his own Ring of Fire. Jakelad sings his newly completed song, prompting the Kobolds to beat on him, and Bob rounds the prisoners up. Two Goblins come up to the camp with items to sell, including a Tambok Ticket. The Elves see them as inferior and ignore them, while Bob is interested. Dave murders one of the Goblins, and the other rips up the ticket, as a Funk sprays Kallark with a nice-smelling substance. Showing some mercy, the group throws the surviving Goblin, Greeky, in with the prisoners.

Meanwhile, Bob reports to Gwyneth, who is reading one of Dave's books, then spies on her outside her tent for a few minutes. In order to knock over a pillar to cross the river, Fizzy Wizzy and Dave cast the Spell of Bearding on it, to no avail. Phineas catches up to the group to deliver his mother's cookies to Xavius, his older cousin. He pleads with Xavius to join the adventure, and he eventually agrees. Phineas learns the Spell of Bearding, the Spell of Shaving, and gets a Warp Blade off the dead Goblin. Xavius and Dave are forced to shave their overgrown beards. Kallark accidentally reveals that Gwyneth is pregnant to the group, and when Gwyneth finds out, she is furious and breaks up with Kallark.

The group crosses the river and sees a burning barn, from which they hear children screaming. Phineas, Rufio, Zack, and Fizzy Wizzy stay with the carriage as the five others approach the building. They encounter several groups of Fire Spirits, the first of which Dave easily clears out. Due to the funk spray, an imaginary Funk named Carlos interrupts Kallark from acting. The group also starts hearing the cries of Pot Puppies, possibly coming from deeper in the barn. When Dave proceeds into the fire spirit-infested building, he spots and picks up the Leader's Heartoak Staff, allowing him to control the heart and mind of his leader. A Flame Spooky erupts from the flames of the barn, instantly killing Fizzy Wizzy. It spawns more fire spirits, creates tethers to characters that direct some damage to them, and unleashes large blasts of flame towards them. Just as Gwyneth approaches the two kobold children, Dave uses his staff to keep her from desiring the children, and make her go after the puppies. Dave himself escorts the kids out the barn's back, discovering that the puppies are actually just the sounds of a toy. Kallark enlarges himself to carry the kids to safety on his shoulders. Everyone else escapes the barn to deal with the Flame Spooky, causing it to shrink and finally dissipate.

Kallark does end up finding a puppy and names it Annihilus the Living Death That Walks, which he keeps in his beard. Dave reverts Gwyneth's care for kobold children to normal. However, she starts to doubt her abilities due to her conflicting emotions and relinquishes leadership to Kallark. Kallark initially wants to put the children in the Silver Mine Mountains, but Dave makes him love them and want to adopt them. The caravan comes up to a bridge guarded by a two-headed Ogre, who demands a Tambok Ticket for passage. Dave makes Kallark fall in love with a head of the Ogre, but Kallark still refuses to give up his ticket. Xavius also holds on doggedly to his ticket, leading the group to try to come up with another plan. Meanwhile, Xavius admits his affection for Gwyneth, but Dave now causes Kallark to love Xavius. Rufio realizes Dave has the staff and unsuccessfully tries to convince Dave to make Gwyneth love him. Kallark takes Xavius behind the carriage and begins to give him a "present". Phineas sneak attacks Kallark and forcibly seizes control of the group. On a power trip, Phineas orders Bob to take out Greeky and slit his throat, but Bob instead secretly lets him run away. Before Phineas finds out and throws Bob in the carriage as a prisoner, Dave makes him love Bob. In turn, Phineas kisses Bob at the disgust of the others. Dave changes back Phineas's emotions, and Phineas strangely decides to make the Ogre the leader in order to pass. Kallark goes up with him, but is frozen by Xavius in a block of ice, destroying his ticket. Ultimately, the Ogre has a seizure and is pushed into the water, staying afloat.

The frozen Kallark is put in the carriage and the group pushes onwards to the gate of the Silvermine Mountains. Kallark tells the kobold children, Unter and Gunter, that he now plans to raise them until better adoptive parents are found. Mormo touches Kallark's face and gives him rabies, and Goggles warns Kallark that Jake is about to break out. Jakelad quickly charms Kallark, who gets them both out of the carriage. Jakelad also sings a lullaby that puts everyone to sleep, but Kallark breaks out of the charm. Jakelad blows a horn and more porc Theurgists and Warriors arrive in order to break out other prisoners from the Silvermine Mountains. Gwyneth and Dave start to open the gate in hopes of finding backup, and the rest attack the Porcs. Jakelad runs away, while the Porcs spawn dozens of pets. Phineas is able to convince the adult kobold prisoners to fight for them, who prove to be strong allies. After everybody wakes up and engages in battle, Dave inadvertently shots a Fireball at Kallark's beard, turning Annihilus into a hostile Hellhound. It later expels Fire Breath and changes back to normal. The group learns that the Air Sprites can be pushed into Sun Tiles and destroyed.

Since Rufio and Zack are coming to help with the gate, Kallark leaves his spot at the gate to attack a Porc. Rufio, unable to deal with his unrequited love for Gwyneth, goes insane and stabs Gwyneth in the stomach, causing her to lose the baby and go unconscious. All the Porcs and spirits are soon incapacitated, and Kallark rushes to Gwyneth's side. He wants to kill Rufio as revenge, but Gwyneth convinces him to let Rufio rot in the Silvermine Mountains. Phineas returns home to his brother, never having planned to follow Xavius. Dave talks to Rufio and finds him to be completely insane, and promising to name his child with Gwyneth after Dave. Dave has Gwyneth briefly love Rufio to make him the leader and end his love for Gwyneth. The group lets the Kobolds go free, and Bob and Goggles trade Rings of Fire as a sign of respect. Unter and Gunter tell Kallark they want to stay with Rebooc, who volunteers to stay in the carriage. After another delusional episode with Carlos, he decides it is best not to adopt the kids, and just walks away from everything with Carlos and Annihilus. Gwyneth notices that Kallark left and quickly takes Xavius back as her boyfriend again. In the end Dave, realizing its dangerous power, smashes the Heartoak Staff.

Lore Introduced

Major Lore

  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • All characters listed above (except Dave, Gwyneth Sunsword, Phinease Barringster, and Jakelad) are introduced.
  • The Sunsword Military is introduced.
  • The following beast species were introduced: Ogre, Funk.
  • The following magical species were introduced: Ytt.
  • The Silvermine Mountains are introduced.
  • The Tambok Special Friend Show and Tambok Tickets are introduced.
  • Kallark gains a spirit animal in the form of the imaginary Funk, Carlos.
  • Ian Bates, Fizzy Wizzy, Greeky's brother, and Gwyneth's and Kallark's unborn child die.

Minor Lore

  • The Magical Forums are introduced.
  • Boyfriend Quest is in the process of being written.

Timeline Placement

Episode Guide

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Jul 10, 2015
Episode 1 Jul 12, 2015
Episode 2 Jul 12, 2015
Episode 3 Jul 13, 2015
Episode 4 Jul 13, 2015
Episode 5 Jul 14, 2015
Episode 6 Jul 14, 2015
Episode 7 Jul 15, 2015
Episode 8 Jul 15, 2015
Episode 9 Jul 16, 2015
Finale - Episode 10 Jul 16, 2015
Behind the Scenes Jul 17, 2015
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Supporter Events

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  • This campaign is the first to feature a player playing the role of a previously NPC character.
  • This campaign is the first time Coestar has broken his theme of playing characters named "Thanks" or something similar in different languages.
  • Due to the appearance of characters from the first three campaigns, and this campaign being established as occurring before others, The Sunswords had to uphold continuity in the Timeline. Therefore, Dave and other preexisting characters couldn't die, or a paradox would be created.
  • The Ogre's seizure is actually the result of Rob breaking the ogre puppet while trying to control multiple puppets.
  • Roamin is the first to finish a campaign with a Tambok Ticket, and adds Fenrus to Tambok's Special Friend Show.