The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry

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The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry

Home To J.J., Quintara Lotus, Rodney The Lionia Statue, Coober
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The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a tall tower which has a series a rooms that were built by powerful wizards who made it to the top and met the Dragon Aspect of Arcane, Quintara Lotus. Below the tower is The Zarlin Catacombs. This tower was also featured in the original Unforgotten Realms (Web Series) as the location of the silver gate.


The tower has the appearance of a Staff with the head of the staff looking like a Dragon and has many crystals coming out of it, the Catacombs beneath the tower have been explored (The Zarlin Catacombs).

Known Floors

The Lobby


At the entrance of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a Lobby made of purple bricks with a wooden floor, In the Lobby is a reception desk, three items on display (A Vase from the Zarlin Catacombs, a replica of King Rohbear Leomaris' Crown, and a golden sword which was apparently made by Quintara Lotus herself but turned out to just be an Iron Broad Sword that was painted), A closed off stair case that leads to the Zarlin Catacombs, and a portal that leads to the first floor of the tower.

When adventurers enter the Lobby they will encounter J.J., an Elf who works for Quintara Lotus and delivers tea to her. If you are deemed prepared to enter the tower by J.J. he will give you a one time use trinket that allows you to see the trick of the floor you are in, and will offer one hint for a floor if you go back down to the lobby by clicking your heels seventeen times.

Floor 1

Floor 1.png

The first floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a grey room with spikes covering all the walls. In the center of the room is a light grey pedestal with a bright red button on top, on the pedestal is ancient writing that when read reveals the solution to the puzzle.

In order to ascend to the next floor of the tower, you must first press the button, upon pressing it the spikes will start closing in, if you press the button anymore times the spikes will close in faster, in order to solve the puzzle you must let the spikes get as close to the center as possible, when they are about to crush you they stop and retract allowing you to ascend to the second floor of the tower.

This rooms is a reference to the original Tower of Ultimate Wizardry from the Unforgotten Realms Web Series, in which this was also the first floor, although in the show the button would retract the spikes not make them move quicker.

Floor 2

Floor 2.png

The second floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a room where the floor is made of lava with fifteen rocks that lead to a portal at the other side of the room.

In this room an intercom will activate where J.J. will let you know that magic has been disabled. After a while J.J. will speak through the intercom again letting you know that you can now cast one spell, so use it wisely. Other than magic being disabled, there is one trick in the room, upon leaving the first group of rocks at the start of the room, four pot puppies will emerge and if you choose to, you will have to jump back in order to get them, other than that you just have to jump from rock to rock avoiding the lava and reach the portal. If you were to roll badly and fall you have to death roll to see if you live.

Floor 3

Floor 3.png

The third floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a room with a floor made of sand, walls made of sandstone, two pools of water in the upper corners of the room, and a big golden door with expensive looking jewels on it a jewel door nob that doesn't actually work, a keyhole, and writing transcribed across the door. The writing on the door reads "Under the sun the key doth lies, never to be seen by his pair of eyes". In the two pools of water is a Clockodile, and at the bottom of the pools is strange "magical strings", one of the clockodiles has four Pot Puppies in its mouth, when you kill one of the clockodiles, strange eel like leeches spill from it body and the "magical strings" in the water turn into those leeches.

In this room, after a while, a panel will flip revealing Rodney The Lionia Statue, who will ask you to solve his five riddles in exchange for opening the door, when you solve his riddles he will say thank you and the panel will flip back revealing he lied to you. After another while, seven magical lever will appear on the opposite side of where Rodney was, each lever corresponds to an animal and when you pull it, it will play a sound of that animal, these levers serve no purpose and are just there to waste you time. In order to ascend to the next floor, you have to look at the trinket given to you by J.J. as one will have to do with the word "Sun" (ex. Sunglasses) and when you look under it you will find a Skeleton Key which opens the door to the next floor.

This room was designed by J.J.

Floor 4

Floor 4.png

The fourth floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a room that has clouds, a blue sky, and a rising sun painted on the floor and walls. In this room are four floating clouds that look like beanbag chairs, a pile of books in each corner that contain children's books that loops for hundreds of pages and coloring books, buckets with color pencils, and finger paints.

In this room, in order to ascend to the next floor you have to use the finger paints and paint a door on the wall which will then transform into a portal.

Floor 5

Floor 5.png

The fifth floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a room of purple rock. It has two large purple boulders on one side and three smaller boulders toward the upper right corner. In the center of the room is a sign that reads "The Doornabor prevents ascending above, unless you can make it feel twice the love". In the room is a shape-shifting snake women who is presumably the Doornabor who constantly repeats what is stated on the sign.

The Doornabor changes her shape to whatever you are thinking of and turns into a cloud of smoke upon contact and reforms shortly after. In order to ascend to the next room you must think about a door which will cause the Doornabor to shape-shift into the portal out of the room, upon becoming the portal the Doornabor states "The Doornabor... wait a second? oh ok I guess this works".

Floor 6

Floor 6.png

The sixth floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a filed to the brim with traps. Initially the room will be pitch black, making it so that adventurers will have to wander into the traps blindly, but hidden in the room is a light switch allowing all the traps to be seen. In the pool of water to the upper left lies a clockodile who appears to be harmless.

In this room, you are able to disable the traps and after a bunch of the traps are disabled a chain reaction occurs that disables all of the traps at once. After a while four Pot Puppies are lowered down in cages hanging at the four corners of the room, dangling above traps. In order to ascend to the next room you must press four red buttons found at the four corners of the room at the same time making it impossible to ascend without at least four people in your group.

Floor 7

Floor 7.png

The seventh floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a perfect recreation of the dinning hall of King Rohbear Leomaris with the exception of windows or doors. In this room you are placed sitting down in one of the eight chairs which are around a table. In one of the other chairs is a recreation of King Rohbear Leomaris who wants to tell you his tales and doesn't want you to stand up out of the chair.

In this room if you were to stand up out of the chair it gives you a sense of overwhelming happiness and freedom, and when you sit backdown that feeling is taken away. The longer you sit in the chair the more weak you feel making you not want to leave the chair, this is because the chair is taking years away from your life. In order to ascend to the next floor you and your party must all stand up out of the chairs or you must pull King Rohbear Leomaris out of his chair.

Floor 8

Floor 8.png

The eighth floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a blue room with green walls that contains twenty pipes. Going into one of these pipes will send you out of another with a random chance of when you are sent out you are duplicated twice making three of you. One of these pipes is not actually green but is only painted like that, when the paint is removed it is revealed to be a golden pipe and going down this one sends you back to Floor 6.

When you are sent down to the sixth floor and attempt to tap your heels seventeen times in order to leave you are instead sent back to the pipe room. This is a hint for what you need to do in order to ascend to the next floor as tapping your heels seventeen times on this floor will instead send you to the ninth floor.

Floor 9

Floor 9.png

The ninth floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a large beige and maroon chess board with different variants of Pot puppies on one side of the board. Upon standing on the board an intercom starts and you are greeted by The Great Pot Puppy Master Douglas Oggo also known as The Great Pupper Doggo, where he explains that he and his friends journeyed to the top of the tower and decided to make a theme for their floors centered around Pot Puppies, revealing why so many floors had Pot Puppies as you would use them for your side of the board. The Great Pupper Doggo also reveals how to ascend to the next floor, all you have to do is beat his Pot Puppies at chess.

The Pot Puppies on his side of the board all have special abilities and if any Pot Puppies died on previous floors, three special variants would appear for the number of Pot Puppies that were killed (For information on what the Pot Puppies can do click here). Once you step on the board you cannot step off as it will cause you to death roll, this is the same for the enemies making the easiest way to ascend to the next floor to knock all of the enemies off the board.

Floor 10

Floor 10.png

The tenth floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a room with glowing tiles covering the walls and the floor that are constantly changing color as well as faint disco music in the background. In order to ascend to the next floor you must pass through a strange purple door on the far side of the room with at least three other people. However in this room is also a Gnome Wizard named Coober who has been trapped in this room as he came to the tower alone. He will make you do a game show where he asks you a series of questions in order to attempt to take the place of the loser.

Floor 11

Floor 11.png

The eleventh floor of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a lounge room where adventurers are meant to take a break from their climb. The room has food and drinks, two large beds, book cases, a fireplace, seats and couches, tables, and dressers.



  • Each Master Wizard who reaches the top creates their own floor of the tower, so it can be assumed that Nisovin has his own floor.
  • In Rob's old Unforgotten Realms cartoon he misspelled "Wizardry" as "Wizardy" in the tower's name.