The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One

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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!

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The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry:Chapter One
Original Air Date: Sept 3rd, 2016
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The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a magical spire constructed by some of the most powerful mages in the realm. Home to Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus who lives in its penthouse, no one is really sure how tall the tower is as its outward appearance does not reveal its true scale. A group of four elven casters have come together to attempt to scale the tower. Can they even get past the first few floors?



Character Race Class Player
[[]] Noble Born Elf Runemaster Roamin
[[]] Spellblade Elf Witch Deadbones
[[]] Noble Born Elf Bard Justin
[[]] Okagnoma Elf Bard Coestar


Character Race Class
[[]] Reesi Gandolin Dwelf Magician

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