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This is a selection of Quotes from The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One.

Player Quotes[edit]


Trandon Barringster[edit]

  • "You've gotta shit your pants. Just do it. Shit your pants (Rhedmun)."
- While trying to create an elaborate lie to explain Reesi's sudden disappearance.
  • "I've got puppies bitches!"
- Before going through the portal to the third floor right after trying to kill Buford while insane was in effect.

Rhedmun Kriel[edit]

Buford Flannigan[edit]

  • "I play the gun."
  • "This isn't a time for singing!"
- After Buford's shotgun arm is sawed off by a trap.

Joaquim Flannigan[edit]

NPC Quotes[edit]

Reesi Gandolin[edit]

  • "I think we should make a leap. It's not that big. It looks like there's one tricky jump, the rest of them are fine!"
- Before Reesi jumped to her death.