The Unseen Rogues

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Season 1
Air Date: July 25th, 2015
The Unseen Rogues
The Sunswords
Kobold Headhunters

The Unseen Rogues is the sixth official Campaign of URealms Live, which aired on July 25th, 2015. In the campaign, a group of teenage Dwarves sneak through a Dwarven city.



Character Race Class Player
Darius Icon.png Darius Dvergr Bard Roamin
Nate Tack Icon.png Nate Tack Dvergr Cabalist Coestar
Neena Brando Icon.png Neena Brando Dwarf Puppeteer Deadbones
Thea Mazing Icon.png Thea Mazing Dwarf Magician Justin


Character Race Class
Mona Icon.png Mona Dwarf
Chase Chase Dwarf Monk
Squinks Icon.png Squinks Keen Bard
Lester Lester Dwarf Monk
Omally Icon.png Omally Dvergr Monk
Temp Icon.png Nate Tack's Ex-girlfriend Dwarf
Romulus Icon.png Romulus Kobold Monk

Battle Encounters

Plot Summary

At night, the group of four teenage Dwarves breaks through the wall of a museum they have been scoping out for weeks. They have been tasked by their "grandmother" Mona to steal a vase from the museum. Having forgotten her Regal Top Hat, Thea Mazing is unable to cast her own spells. Darius states that there are 8 guards on patrol, but he actually means there are 4, since he double counts as a Dvergr. Though Thea trips loudly twice, they are able to sneak around the first two guards in the first room. A guard stands at the entrance to the next room, so, after much debate, they decide to have Darius disguise as the museum's curator to distract the guard. Darius's disguise – though mediocre – fools the guard, and Darius learns from him that the front door is unlocked. The final guard thinks Darius is the mayor, but is not suspicious. Darius tells him to investigate the first room, but he heads off towards Thea, who turns into a flock of ravens]. While the birds fly around and the guard is occupied with killing them, Darius, Neena Brando, and Nate Tack approach the vase in the room's center, filled with thousand-year-old soup. However, Darius uses Storyteller to learn that the real vase they are supposed to steal is off to the side, in the children's section. Neena tries picking up the vase, but it slips and shatters into pieces, spilling the lavender-smelling liquid onto the floor. They decide to take the false vase to try to appease Mona. Nate picks up the vase, mocking Neena's carelessness in the process. The three exit the museum through the main door and go to a local restaurant to rendezvous with Thea. One of Thea's ravens eludes the guard and rushes to the main door to catch up with the party. However, she decides to lick the spilled liquid, promptly passing out.

Thea wakes up surrounded by Dwarves and is confronted by the huge leader of the Unseen Rogues, Omally. He tells her that she drank an immortality potion, which he later retracts. He then recognizes her as a worker for Mona, his rival. Thea states that she is a magician instead and successfully performs a magic trick. Still, Omally orders Thea to kill Mona or else he will kill Thea, and she accepts quickly. Thea finally meets with the group in the restaurant, and they ask why she is six hours late. She struggles to explain to the bewildered party what happened, since she isn't fluent in the Common Tongue. She speaks in her native language Abracadab, which sounds like only repeated 'Yes'es to non-speakers, and talks about a "giant Dwarf." Darius tries turning into a giant Dwarf and a flock of ravens to jog her memory, but it doesn't help. Neena ultimately concludes that Thea is just hallucinating from drinking the soup.

Together, the four proceed to Mona's house, but are confronted by four members of the Unseen Rogues. One of them, Chase, chastises them for stealing the vase from their boss's museum. He also brings up his past relationship with Neena, who admits that she has slept with everyone in the town except for Darius. Chase challenges Nate to a fist fight, and Darius tells another story to learn about Nate and Neena's relationship. Darius then tries to carry the vase to safety as a flock of ravens, but the ravens unfortunately drop and shatter it. Upon seeing this, the other Unseen Rogues become aggressive. Neena runs into the house and cheers Nate on from a second-story window, and Darius's ravens fly to the roof, leaving Nate and Thea with the Rogues. Neena falls out the window to escape Nate's accidental Blanket of Darkness. Another Dwarf and a Gnome named Squinks, two more Unseen Rogues, enter the battle. While dealing with Squinks, Nate hides in his girlfriend's house. After most of the Unseen Rogues fall unconscious, Squinks runs away. One of the Rogues, Lester, decides to join the party, saying that he wants to get back at Omally. He is able to understand Abracadab, and translates Thea's 'Yes'es for the group.

The party waits in Mona's house for her to arrive. Thea confides Omally's threat to Lester, and Lester professes his love for her and desire to run away with her. When Mona comes in, Darius comes up with excuses for not having the vase. However, Mona had seen the shattered vase outside and is angry, since she owed the vase to Omally. Nate's girlfriend enters the house with Tambok Tickets in hand, but discovers Nate and Neena together in the bedroom. The girlfriend is outraged, yet Nate unceremoniously dumps her. As the girlfriend is leaving, Thea asks to go with her to the Tambok show, and she gives Thea a ticket. A swarm of Hat Rats busts into the house, and they start casting random spells using their hats. They interrupt Neena and Nate's business by levitating them, and the two scramble to equip themselves. While the others attack the Hat Rats, Darius turns into his stone form to wait out the fight. One by one, the party eventually destroys all the Hat Rats. After combat, Darius finds a Blunt Saxophone that sounds like a train and adds it to his instrument collection.

Afterwards, Lester invites the party to a heist on another of Omally's museums, to steal gold hidden behind a painting of a nude female Kobold. While waiting for dusk, Thea and Lester decide to marry in a local Timmy O's. Lester makes a ring from Jello Ale, Nate as a Cabalist performs the marriage ceremony, and Darius plays them a romantic tune on his saxophone. The group then begins to infiltrate the museum, with Lester trailing behind to cover the exit. Neena uses Foreshadow Minds to unfortunately attract all the guards to the Kobold painting. When Darius fails to sing a lullaby], a guard comes nearby, but is entirely oblivious of the group and heads back to the painting. The guards suddenly lose their interest in the painting and spot the group, starting combat. Neena goes off alone, finds a Vampire Locket and falls unconscious. She later wakes up after being dragged back by a guard, and joins the fight. In the end, Neena throws two Fireballs, knocking out all but one of the guards, who is in stone form. Nate tries to grab the painting but tears it in half, and the party flees with the gold.

The party arrives at Mona's house, where they find Mona being beaten by the Unseen Rogues they met earlier. They are brought forcefully into Omally's lair. Omally brings out Mona for Thea to fulfill her promise, but she refuses. Omally spots the traitorous Lester in the party, but before he can attack him, Neena is sucked into a wormhole and replaced with a giant Kobold. Omally recognizes the Kobold and says he killed him, but everyone else is confused. Omally and his Unseen Rogues start to fight the party, as the Kobold focuses his attacks on Omally. Darius tries turning to stone, but only wets himself, loses hope of helping in the battle, and goes to sit in the corner. The giant Kobold is again replaced with Neena, while Mona finds that the room is magically sealed shut. Omally changes into stone after yelling about a "field of fury," prompting Nate to set up a protective barrier using his Ring of the Armsukaa as a precaution. Mona, Neena, and Thea also move inside the barrier, as Darius tries and fails again to go into stone form. Nate's Blanket of Darkness drives Chase insane, before a ball of fire spouts from a dragon head's mouth and fills the entire room, killing Lester. Chase and Darius barely survive, but Omally changes to normal and uses Serenity to heal himself using the group's attacks. Darius drinks an Invisibility Potion and avoids being seen by Omally. However, Neena uses Lascene to move the attacking Omally in front of Darius to kill him and gain additional actions. Thea uses Ghost Cackle to briefly summon Darius's ghost, which slightly fazes Omally. Omally is ultimately brought to his knees by Neena's Nobleborn Knife and passes out. The group deals with the hostile and insane Chase, though he punches himself and is knocked out. Neena decides to keep Omally around as a "puppet", and Nate offers to have sex with her on top of Omally. Thea does not seem too upset by Lester's death, and takes Lester's share of the gold. She and Mona agree to head back to their old country together.

Lore Established

Major Lore

  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • All of the characters listed above (Except Squinks) are introduced.
  • The following beast species are introduced: Raven and Hat Rat.
  • Mona's Band and the Unseen Rogues are introduced.
  • The region of Abracadab and the language of Abracadab is established.
    • The region of Abracadab is established through Thea's backstory.
  • The unnamed city of Dwarves is established.
  • Darius, Chase, and Lester die.

Minor Lore

  • Sex is established.
  • Marriage is established.
  • Timmy O's is introduced.
  • The town of Bardusk is established, through Darius's backstory.

Timeline Placement

  • As with all campaigns, this takes place after The Senate of Deadlantis Acts 2 and 3.
  • There are currently no other known confirmed connections between Unseen Rogues and any other campaign that can establish its place in the Timeline.

Episode Guide

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Jul 24, 2015
Episode 1 Jul 26, 2015
Episode 2 Jul 26, 2015
Episode 3 Jul 27, 2015
Episode 4 Jul 27, 2015
Episode 5 Jul 28, 2015
Episode 6 Jul 28, 2015
Episode 7 Jul 29, 2015
Episode 8 Jul 29, 2015
Episode 9 Jul 30, 2015
Finale - Episode 10 Jul 30, 2015
Behind the Scenes Jul 31, 2015
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  • Thea Mazing is the second character to finish a campaign with a Tambok Ticket, so Justin adds K4 to Tambok's Special Friend Show.
  • This is the first campaign in which a previous player character has reappeared, with Squinks from Band of Thieves.
  • If the party had fought the Two-Headed Ogre in The Sunswords Two-Headed Ogre would have been a playable race this campaign.
  • All four of the player characters were featured on various class cards for Season 2. They all represented their respective classes, except for Nate Tack who represented the Runemaster class.