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This is a selection of Quotes from The Unseen Rogues.

Player Quotes[edit]


  • "But Coe wanted to bang Deadbones!"
- Explaining the encounter of receiving the Tambok Ticket from the character Nate's girlfriend.


  • "It's like when the Amish go on their Ramadamadingdong thing."
-Roamin talking about Dvergr Dvergr Dwarves

Thea Mazing[edit]

  • "You know, Roamin's real name is Dave."
- Explaining why Roamin's stories are always fan fiction about Deadbones.
  • "Yes."
-Speaking in Abracadab.

Nate Tack[edit]

  • "I'm totally ready to go straight in a straight line."
- The team is discussing how to sneak past the guards.
  • "We should check for hidden vases."
- When the team starts to doubt that the vase in front of them is the one they are looking for.
  • [Looks at Neena] "It's not that hard. I got it."
- Mocking Neena for breaking the vase they were after.
  • "You know what, Chase? Why don't you just take your tiny head and get out of here?"
- Commenting on the fact that Chase's puppet has a much smaller head than the players' puppets.
  • "Oh, tiny head's back."
- When Chase reappears.
  • "Oh! I have this vase in my hands suddenly. Uhh...."
- The team forgets who is holding the vase.
  • "It's already pretty darn layered, it's like a fucking cake up in there."
- After Neena tries to puppet Nate into using another Blanket of Darkness, when there is already a Blanket of Darkness as well as a Pestilence.
  • "I just have one question: Did you breast-feed the gang yourself?"
- Commenting on the very large nipples on Omally's puppet.


  • "Can I disguise myself as an invisible person?"
- Roamin trying to sneak past some guards.
  • "It was me this whole time! Haha!"
- After fooling Thea with his disguise.
  • "Oh! You wanna start making assumptions with Rob, you do that. That's your funeral."
- When the rest of the team thinks it is evident that they are sneaking, since it is a sneak campaign.
  • "We basically brought someone with polio with us, like [she's] just falling everywhere."
- When Thea falls down multiple times whilst the band is performing their first heist.
  • "I'm the mayor."
- When he was disguised as the museum curator but one of the guards thinks he's the mayor.
  • "I'm only a level 3 bard, what did you expect?"
- When the others complain that his story was bad.
  • "There's no way I can fuck this up!"
- Right before Roamin rolls a 1.
  • "And they're like: Hey! Those things you thieved? We wanna thieve them back. But we're like: No, we stole them fair and square. That's the way this works, it's Thieves' Code, rule 42, section 6, bi-law 8. Clearly says: Once thieven by thieves, cannot be then thoven by other thieves."
- Telling a story about the Unseen Rogues coming to take back Omally's vase.

Neena Brando[edit]

  • "He climbs me like a fucking tree, Roamin. Like a fucking tree."
- When Darius asks about what she and Nate do when nobody else is around.
  • "Did I have sex with a ghost?!"
- After one of Darius' absurd and confusing stories.
  • "First things first: we're not a gang! Why do people keep thinking we're a gang? We're not a fucking gang!"
- When Lester asks to join their 'gang.'
  • [Snores]"Oh Nate..."
- Whilst sleeping after one of Darius' boring stories.

NPC Quotes[edit]

Museum Guard[edit]

  • "No, no, please don't write me up. I have a wife. Two wives actually. And zero kids. Think of my wife and kids!"
- When Darius is disguised and threatens to write him up.


  • "What am I gonna tell my two wives and zero kids now?"
- After finding out that Mona's band broke his vase.
  • "I am gonna fucking kill you, Lester."
- After learning that Lester had joined Mona's band, and helped them steal from him.
  • "You?! But what?! Where?!"
- Upon seeing Romulus emerge from the Vampire Locket.
  • "Holy shit, Deadbones. That's really fucking cool."
- After Deadbones uses his voice modulator.
  • "Feel the fury of the dragon fire!"
- When preparing his special attack against the band.


  • "Hold on, let me get my pipe."
- Whenever she has a conversation.
  • "You know, I always liked you the most. After Roamin. And Coestar. And Deadbones. And that guy we just met."
- To Thea, when she thinks that she is about to be killed.


  • "You have plate panties?"
- Upon seeing what Neena was wearing as her armour.


- After switching places with Neena due to the Vampire Locket, and seeing Omally.