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This is a selection of Quotes from The Zarlin Catacombs.

Player Quotes


  • "All you have to do is roll. That's all you have to do." [Chuckles quietly]
- Telling Deadbones what he has to do.
  • "Didn't you find it odd that there was a fucking bear who throws fruit at machines inside the Catacombs?"
- Rob's reaction after the Bennu War Machine short-circuits

Sergio Fabioso

  • "I also have an apple for you."
- Sergio seducing Franky Rosebud.
  • "Sergio."
- His words for certain things.

Fantastico Fabioso

  • "Rob's Gravity."
- Discussing if Prism died or not.
  • "I'm gonna cast Divine Intervention."
- Breaking the ice when No-Eye Bromas and Morgan Marie argue over Prism.

No-Eye Bromas

  • "I'm gonna roll with it. I'm gonna double roll with it."
- After being transformed into a Kobold.
  • "I know you're not here anymore; but fuck you!"
- Being angry at the glam shark puppet that Rob forgot to remove off screen.

Morgana Marie

  • "This is one fantastic adventure, we've run into so many weird things, this is the best day ever!"
-Morgana declaring in the middle point of the expedition and foreshadowing the upcoming events.
  • "But my titties, they were magnificent!"
- Morgan's last words as he falls to his death.
  • "Hey Roamin, what does the scanner say it's power level is?"
-Deadbones to Roamin after Fantastico scans the health of the Bennu War Machine

NPC Quotes


  • "Can I touch your nose?"
- Raynel having a nose fetish.
  • "Alpha Wolf!"
- What Raynel always called No-Eye Bromas.
  • "Well, I'd like to say that was a pretty successful exclamation. Excabition. Ex... Excavation."
- Raynel trying to find the right word to describe their adventure.
  • "I'm sure you could find some wizard upstairs that'll cure you. Probably. Maybe. Doubtful. At least shave you."
- Trying to reassure Bromas that he will be able to be returned to normal.


  • "I was just a prop!"
- Alfie confused when being brought back to life.


Rob: "So what was going on over here Justin?"
Justin: "Uhh... I dunno. [Chuckles]"
Coe: "Mind fisting?"
Justin: "Yeah, just some mind fisting. Gentle mind fisting."
Franky Rosebud: "Jesus Christ, I didn't sign up for this!"
[Everyone starts laughing]
Fantastico: "He said gentle!"
- Sergio, Franky, and Fantastico's time alone.

Raynel: "So... Deadbones died, huh? I mean, we did warn him that this was a dangerous expe... exca... excabition."
Deadbones: "Excabition... [Laughing] Exhibition match."
Raynel: "Excabition match!"
Bromas: "It's an exclamation."
Raynel: "A different exclamation."
- The party struggling to find the right word.