Thea Mazing

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Thea Mazing

Thea Mazing RadioactiveK.png
Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Magician
Gender Female
Status Alive
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The Unseen Rogues
— Thea Mazing

Thea Mazing is a Tall Dwarf Magician, played by Justin during the Unseen Rogues campaign.



Thea Mazing is a female Tall Dwarf with pale skin, voluptuous figure, green eyes, dark hair that is tied into two pigtails and a dark beard. Thea wears a black top hat, a green cape with gold buckles, a black, sleeveless, one piece dress, a brown belt with a gold buckle on the right hand side, a brown bag for her spoils, the Mask of Echoes also lays on the belt, and black shoes. Under the dress she wears red shorts that stop just above her upper thigh.




Lester is Thea's husband. They were married by Nate Tack before they raided the sexy kobold painting from the museum. Lester and Thea both speak Abracadab resulting in them having full conversations without the rest of the party knowing what they are saying (especially Neena). Lester was Thea's main means off communicating with the group, acting as her translator. Lester has been seen many times helping Thea up when she falls down. We can tell that Lester loved Thea, but it can be questioned the other way around because of how quickly Thea got over Lester's death by the Dragons Fire in Omally's Pit.

Notable Attributes

  • The Common Tongue is not her first language, which is a magician language called Abracadab.
  • Thea often keeps her shoelaces untied, so that she can show off a magic trick to tie them up. However, she doesn't have a trick to untie them.

Powers & Abilities


Magician Abilities










Thea Mazing and Mona fled "The Old country" during The Great Hat Rat War.

The Unseen Rogues



  • Thea Mazing is a pun on "The Amazing," a common epithet for theatrical magicians.
  • Thea is one of the highest damage outputting characters in URealms Live history, dealing 110 damage in one round (80 from a critical fireball hitting three enemy dwarfs and Lester, and 30 right afterwards from a regular and critical fireball on a fleeing enemy dwarf).
  • Thea's inability to speak the Common tongue, leading to her saying "Yes?" often, was actually due to an error on Justin's internet. It caused the voices of the other players to become distorted, leading him to simply say "Yes?" in confusion.
  • Thea is the first character to be seen getting married in the URealms universe
  • Thea is the first character to break the 10,000 gold threshold.