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Race Elf, Divine Being
Gender Male
Relatives Father: Ouro'ras
First Appearance [[]]

Thor is a Divine Being and the most famous son of the Dragon Aspect Ouro'ras. He is the creator of many of the different Races in the realms, including the Dwarves, Forn, Kobolds, Porcs, and Shellmind.


Thor has not been seen, but is described as an elf that looks more like a dwarf.

Powers & Abilities

Thor has creation magic, which he used to create several different races.


Thor is an Elf that created the Dwarves since all other elves didn't look like him. After the dwarves locked him into a statue he commanded the Kobolds to free him, in return he granted them three wishes, all of witch, were kobolds, making a large amount of intelligent kobolds.