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Race Elf, Divine Being
Gender Male
Affiliations Ouro'ras
Status Unknown
First Appearance [[]]

Thor is a Divine Being and the most famous son of the Dragon Aspect Ouro'ras. He is the creator of many of the different Races of the Realms, including the Dwarves, Forn, Kobolds, Porcs, and Shellmind.


Thor has not been seen, but is described as an elf that is "short and hairy". This is why he created the Dwarves in his likeness, short and bearded.

Powers & Abilities

Thor has creation magic, which he used to create several different races.


No information about Thor's history has been made canon as of yet.


  • Thor is the divine being who created the Dwarves, the Kobolds, the Porcs, the Forn and the Shellmind. Most of these races were created by mistake.
  • Thor was in the original Unforgotten Realms animated series.
  • Thor is often referred as the party god.