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The Timeline of Unforgotten Realms Live is currently being constructed.

Canon Confirmed Timeline

  1. Roamin's Band of Thieves
  2. The Many Gobos of Pat

  1. The Sunswords
  2. Porc Hunters
  3. The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
  4. The New Crew
  5. The Silvermine Mountains

  1. The Sunswords
  2. Kobold Headhunters

  1. The Sunswords
  2. The Zarlin Catacombs

Reasons why these Timelines are Canon

IMPORTANT: There is currently no evidence that The Unseen Rogues and Kobold Headhunters occur at the same time. See the theories for more information.

In The Many Gobos of Pat it was confirmed by observing a flatscreen TV that K4 was in a purply cave with blue crystals on the wall. K4 sat on top of a large lily pad, completely nude except for his hair. He's getting his back rubbed by a giant monkey fish. K4 comments on how pleasurable it feels to have his back rubbed. This confirms that Roamin's Band of Thieves predates The Many Gobos of Pat.

In The Sunswords, Jakelad is still alive and seen working on the song "Fuck the Kobolds". In The Jewel of the Dingo Isles, he sings "Fuck the Kobolds" frequently until the point of his death. This confirms that Sunswords predates The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.

In The Sunswords, Phineas has yet to join Theta Squad or become a master Cabalist. He is still in training and knows no Cabalist skills. In Porc Hunters, Phineas has become all of this and joins Theta Squad. This confirms that Sunswords predates Porc Hunters. The time between the two campaigns is likely only a few months or years as Phineas is a prepubescent child in both and in Sunswords he has already been referred to as a young adult so he is likely around 10 to 12 in human years.

Kobold Headhunters is set after The Sunswords and because Burrito is seen referring to Jakelad's Kobold song (which he created in The Sunswords) as a "classic". It is not necessarily after The Many Gobos of Pat as the song may have been familiar or classic to some people, but not to the crew of the Bocoe.

In The New Crew, Kinney Boots leaves the crew, Jo Krysstal is killed, and most of the remaining crew (including Captain Merci and first mate McCoy) are sent to the Silver Mine Mountains. McCoy also starts The New Crew with his tentacle arm. Because of this, we know that The New Crew takes place after The Jewel of the Dingo Isles.

In The New Crew, Phineas joins the crew. This time, he has his Cabalist powers and has begun to go insane from repeatedly using Blanket of Darkness on himself. Because of this, we know that The New Crew must take place after Porc Hunters. As a result of this, we also know that Ca-Rell must have had Lieutenant Surge before Kinney Boots acquired it. Because of this, we know that Porc Hunters also predates Jewel of the Dingo Isles.

In The Zarlin Catacombs, Sergio Fabioso had a copy of the famous Boyfriend Quest, which he gave to Morgana Marie. Boyfriend Quest was being written in Sunswords by the Elf Dave. Because of this, it is canon that Sunswords comes before The Zarlin Catacombs.

While McCoy and Phineas pillage Laeyuleaugh, Phineas points out that Pot Puppys only live a year before reverting to seeds. McCoy admits that Cooper is on his last legs, but asserts he's still fit as ever. Based on this information, we can assume that The Jewel of the Dingo Isles takes place approximately 1 year before The New Crew.


Rob has stated that The Nuren Campaign and the Roamin's Band of Thieves might have happened around the same time, but did not say the order in which they have happened, though this is obviously not canon as there is no evidence from in stream.

Theory for Sunswords to be before Roamin's Band of Thieves

Gwyneth Sunsword mentions whilst she has a baby her desire to go and spend some time with some Sun Clerics. She, however, loses the baby, so likely did not do this straight after Sunswords. Gwyneth does do this at some point, however, whether it be before or after Sunswords, and among them she spends time with Dave. Also in Sunswords and Roamin's Band of Thieves, Dave is not a captain, but in Porc Hunters he is. Promotion maybe, but also possibly a demotion so it does not prove anything.

Theory for Roamin's Band of Thieves to be after Porc Hunters

The time space between Sunswords and Porc Hunters has been proven to be very short, perhaps at most a couple a years. In this time Gwyneth would have to have a reason (ie. injury or baby) to leave the Sunswords and go live with some Sun Clerics. Dave would also have to have a reason for why he should leave and go with her. It is possible that then Dave left the Sunswords with Gwyneth and went to live with Sun Clerics as Gwyneth broke up with Xavius and started going out with Dave as Gwyneth said in Sunswords that Dave would be her next boyfirend so there is a possible relationship there. It is possible, therefore, that Gwyneth is dating Dave in Porc Hunters (whilst they are both part of the Sunswords taking prisoners to the Silver Mine Mountains), which would explain why Ca-Rell asked Dave how Gwyneth is. Dave and Gwyneth were dating the party was split at the time with Gwyneth leading one expedition and Gwyneth's number two who would obviously be Dave when you consider how she treats Kallark in Sunswords leading another. Dave then gets Gwyneth pregnant and they leave the Sunswords to go to live with some Sun Clerics. During Roamin's Band of Thieves Gwyneth is pregnant with Dave's child and then afterwards she gives birth. This would mean that Roamin's Band of Thieves happens a non-specific time after Porc Hunters.

Theory for Porc Hunters to be after Roamin's Band of Thieves

Theory 1

It is commonly believed that Porc Hunters happened after Roamin's Band of Thieves, due to the elf, Dave being present during both campaigns and stating about a "band of thieves connected to the prisoner Kobold" event happening to Gwyneth Sunsword's Sunblades. However the prisoner kobold was Chimera, not Philhipé nor was it stated that the thieves where gnomes and a dwarf. It should be noted that it was also said that the thieves were conected to the Kobold in the prison wagon (ie Chimera) however there is no evidence that Roamin's band of thieves ever met or had even heard of Chimera.

Theory 2

Another theory states that since Dave is not a captain in either Sunswords or Band of Thieves, but is a captain in Porc Hunters, and since it is already known that Sunswords predates Porc Hunters due to Phineas joining Theta Squad at the end of Porc Hunters, then (using Occam's Razor) it is most likely that Dave was promoted/demoted to Captain after both Sunswords and Band of Thieves, rather than promoted and then suddenly demoted (or vice versa). Thus, Roamin's Band of Thieves most likely predates Porc Hunters.

Theories explaining how Kinney Boots acquired Lieutenant Surge from Ca-Rell

Theory 1

Kinney Boots stole from, or killed, Ca-Rell to obtain the enchanted mace.

Theory 2

Merci is actually Porco from Ca-Rell's cave of Porcs and that Porco, after being named, began to grow in pride. He educated himself and eventually betrayed Ca-Rell, greedy for power and stole Lieutenant Surge. He left the cave and renamed himself Merci. He then went on to seek his fortune as a pirate captain. After Kinney joins the crew and Porco, now Merci, starts using an anchor as a weapon Merci gives Kinney Lieutenant Surge as a gift since they are dating (thought because Merci was in his cabin for 13 days and Kinney's coat was also in Merci's cabin). This would mean that The Jewel of the Dingo Isles occurs many years after Porc Hunters.

This theory is currently very unlikely because of Phineas appearing as a young child in both Porc Hunters and The New Crew, which means that the time between these campaigns is likely not more than a few years.

Theories Regarding Kobold Headhunters

Theory 1

The first encounter of Kobold Headhunters is set during the final encounter of The Unseen Rogues because Neena appears out of Romulus's Vampire Locket and is required to clean her Nobleborn Knife before leaving use it to finish the final encounter in The Unseen Rogues. This is unconfirmed because it is unclear how the Vampire Locket works.

Theory 2

Kobold Headhunters takes place years after The Unseen Rogues, because Romulus mentions that his ancestor (which he never decides on the number of "great"s for) was killed by someone, and the killing is not implied to have been very recent. In The Unseen Rogues, he comes out of the Vampire Locket and tries to take revenge on Omally, the person who supposedly killed his ancestor. Omally specifically mentions that the kobold attacking him is supposed to be dead, likely referring to Romulus's ancestor. However, it is unlikely that Omally would mistake an old man kobold for a different adult kobold aside from a passing family resemblance, leading to the possibility that Romulus comes from some point in the future.

Theory 3

Note: this is not technically a theory, but it has been thought to make the events of The Silvermine Mountains and Kobold Headhunters have a canonical order in past, so it should be kept to explain why it doesn't.

During The Silvermine Mountains campaign Gwyneth Sunsword discusses with the other elves how they are the superior race. She mentions that elves have the responsibility to look after the lesser races for the lesser races' own good. As an example of this she mentions in passing how they looked after the inhabitants of Karazzim. This means they either the elves have done something in the town of Karazzim at some point, but this does not necessarily put Kobold Headhunters before or after The Silvermine Mountains. It is thought that the elves may have either established the town, or came in after the town was established and influenced it somehow.

Theory that New Crew is before Band of Thieves

Theory 1

In The New Crew, Ladyir simply finds the key within a desk, virtually unguarded. It could be that after Merci's crew failed to retrieve the key for Nisovin, the Elves realized that the keys were important for some reason. They then entrusted Gwyneth to wear the key around her neck at all times while they researched what the key was used for. Nisovin, seeing that an outright assault on the elves failed to get the key, hires Yumi to take it by stealth.

Theory 2

Rob mentioned in The New Crew behind the scenes video that there are multiple keys. So it could be that the keys within these two campaigns are different ones entirely.

Theory that Band of Thieves is before New Crew

Theory 1

In Roamin's Band of Thieves, Nisovin has to be pressed for him to reveal what the key looks like. He eventually describes it as orange and glowing but when it seems like the thieves might try to trick him, he immediately warns "Don't just cover a key with tang and bring it back to me!". In The New Crew when Nisovin gives Merci the mission, he describes the key as "tang colored". It could be reasoned that Nisovin only thought about it being "tang colored" after his original warning to the thieves. This may also be the reason why Fenris was weaker in New Crew then in Band of Thieves, because he was still recovering from the previous battle.

Theory 2

Nisovin hired Yumi and her band of Thieves to sneak into the Temple of the Fallen Sun and steal the key originally. However, when they failed the key was moved to a more secure location on the remote island of Laeyuleaugh where the Sunswords had a summer home. With the key only reachable by sea, Nisovin then hired the crew of the Bocoe, who had The Jewel of the Dingo Isles already proven themselves before to him, to try to steal the key once more.

Theory that Unseen Rogues is before Roamin's Band of Thieves

Theory 1

In Unseen Rogues when Neena Brando uses Lascene, Squinks gets a copy from his Spellwall Armour. Then, in Roamin's Band of Thieves, Squinks gives his spellwall armour to Nessi in order to cross the bridge. Note that this is very weak evidence, as Squinks could easily have gotten another spellwall armour after giving his old one to Nessi.

Theory 2 - Note: non-canon

There was a possibility that K4 would appear in Unseen Rogues instead of Squinks, as any of the four player characters from Roamin's Band of Thieves could have appeared. Since we know that K4 went to live with the monkey fish king after RBoT we can safely assume that RBoT occurs after Unseen Rogues, however this is not true. It may be so convenient, but K4 could easily have left the monkey fish king to join a band of thieves for a while, and then came back later for The Many Gobos of Pat, or have stayed long enough for TMGoP and left afterwards.

Possible Extended Timeline

Rob formerly confirmed in a tweet [1] that UR Live takes place after Lords of Minecraft, and will be followed by Unforgotten Quest, and Dwarves vs. Zombies will be the apocalyptic end of the timeline. However, a more recent Reddit comment said URLive, DvZ, and LoM take place in separate universes.