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Is Medusa a race?

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PureLemons (Talkcontribs)

Before sorting through the information, I realized the page said she is a Gorgon. Her player information on that page though says her race is Medusa.

From this last campaign, Gorgons became a fourth form of Gnomes, after a donation event made this canon. In the fourth campaign, the one with Medusa as the final boss, the gorgon donation event was never achieved, thus making gorgons uncanon until the latest campaign.

So, what race is medusa? Can I post her on the race page as it's own race, with a specific Medusa controlling the paladin order, or should I say she is an elf or something else? Bosses can be confusing. (Though, I have deducted the Whisper Snake and Stone Tail to be their own races).