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FeedbackInc (Talkcontribs)

Hey Y'all, Feedback here. New wikiboi. I was perusing the wiki for grammar edits and just noticed a few things we might want to keep an eye on (or already are) for the new season:

Due to the changes to how attributes and cornerstones work, there's gonna have to be a lot of going between the character page and the wiki to fix this on older characters.

In addition, because of this a lot of the older links to cards don't work (eg on gwyneth's page, for example, clicking her attributes will lead to nothing because the cards are now being indexed differently) because of this, is it possible to have some sort of redirect system where simply putting cardname will lead to ""?

For companions, races, etc, would we want to replace the main picture with the cards themselves, or have some sort of tabbing system to switch between card versions and different image versions? (Speaking of which it'd probably be a good idea to ask some of the artists or Rob for the new images standalone when/if they ever have down time.

When the season finally does kick off, and the cards are released, it would probably be a good idea to have a gameplay subsection since people are gonna finally be playing with the cards and even though there are rules cards, players are certainly going to have questions about how to play/rules technicalities/advice on how to start a campaign. Some sort of basic campaign setup and character creation procedure descriptions would be required, and advice for how to use tabletop for URealms and the rules for combat would be necessary too.

That's about it. Sorry if you guys are already well aware of what's going on here. Gimme a holler if you need anything! Back to grammar naziing for me!


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Pillowkeeper (Talkcontribs)

Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to help us on the wiki!

To address the problem of the character pages being out of date, the mod team is currently working on a list of pages that need to be updated. We know that one of the major challenges of running a wiki of this size is consistency between pages and want to make sure that we do it right for the many seasons to come.

Next, in terms of linking cards, we do have a new system in place to link cards from the website. For example [{Treasure / Clockadile Oil}] [ { CARDNAME } ] (without spaces) links to the wizard card. We know it's hard to know all the tricks of the wiki so we're putting together a help page for new users to look at when getting used to the formatting.

Finally, addressing having a gameplay section, we have decided for now to not include any information on gameplay as for all intents and purposes the wiki is devoted to lore and cataloging the history of Urealms. All of the info about the game itself will most likely live on the forums in a certain section. If you have any questions at all let me know! We're always looking for great people like yourself to help us out.

Mayonnaisinator (Talkcontribs)

I'd also add that we do want to add all of the updated art from Sixelona and Irishxlily to the Character, Class, Race and Companion pages, but we just haven't been given a dump of the art yet, but we will work on that as soon as Rob gives us the go ahead.

For the moment, focus on just fixing grammar, spelling and structure of old pages, and if you are able to, it would help greatly if people could help write up the summaries of what happened in each campaign for each character. For characters in the same campaign this could just be the same summary with some minor differences to save time, so you don't have to rewrite what is basically the same thing.

Don't worry about updating character inventories or any cards to the Season 3 format yet, since we'd rather wait for all of the character pages to be complete on the website, so that we know that Rob is finished updating them. The cards will just have to be updated over time, but that's something we can work on over the summer, as it isn't too big of a deal now since you can just search for the card on the website itself.

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