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Azurillkirby (Talkcontribs)

Seems a bit silly to have a section needing to explain that Pot Puppies only live for a year, when not only does this fact affect nothing other than the amount of time between Dingo Isles and New Crew (which isn't even discussed), but also the fact that the only way this has been confirmed is by Rob saying that "I think" that's how it works in a campaign. Also the entire fact that we don't know how long a "year" is makes this fact even more meaningless

Mind you, I'm not trying to make it out as if this is a big deal or anything. I just found it mildly amusing how this section talks about Pot Puppies as if this fact is completely 100% true, when not even a full screen down there's a section talking about how Rob saying something doesn't make it canon.

Toadslayer (Talkcontribs)

It partially is a remnant of the past as a few people were trying to make assertions on the timeline based on the lifespan of pot puppies. It may not be the most relevant thing now, but it is good to have there, as it does contribute to the knowledge we have of time and therefore the timeline of the world.

As for the word of Rob, I think you misunderstand. That section is clarifying that not everything Rob says is canon, as in if he tweets something or says something in BTS it isn’t canon. It must happen in a campaign. The pot puppies only live for about a year thing was in a campaign and so is canon as much as Phineas and Xavius being cousins is, or any other thing that Rob has said about the world in a campagin. If the section isn’t clear then you might want to edit it to make it clearer.

Azurillkirby (Talkcontribs)

There have been many other times Rob has said something in a campaign that wasn't canon. Biggest example being the fate of Philipe after Band of Thieves. The way that I've personally interpreted that is that if Rob is describing an event that is currently going on in the middle of the campaign, then yes that is canon. If it is merely an off the cuff remark about the world that isn't a part of their current situation, then it isn't necessarily canon.

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