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Tubs BCK Puppet.png
Race Porc
Gender N/A
Affiliations The Murder Bros
Equipment Electronet Bazooka
Relatives Adopted brother: Johnny Feo
Status Alive
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance Murder Bros

Tubs is a Porc and a member of The Murder Bros, who first appeared in the Murder Bros campaign. He is the adopted brother of Johnny Feo.



Tubs MB Puppet.png

Tubs is a fat Porc, he has tusks and wears an apron and a bandanna.


Tubs is a typical dumb Porc but has alot of admiration for his step-brother Johnny Feo.


Johnny Feo

Tubs' step-brother, they were both raised by their adopted Hobgoblin family. Just like Johnny who wants to be a Gourmet Chef, Tubs wants to be his sue-chef.


Despite his name being very similar to Bubs, they were not named to be similar, it is simply a coincidence. He also showed to be good friends with Bubs.

Powers & Abilities



Mega Tubs

Mega Tubs BCK Puppet.png

While drunk off E.X.X.X.P. Ale the party begins to hallucinate and Tubs transforms into Mega Tubs.


  • Mega Tubs: Mega Tubs has access to the Buster Shot and Charged-Up Blast cards. Whenever Mega Tubs or Super Bubs causes a Target to go Unconscious, Mega Tubs may steal up to 3 Ability cards from that Target until end of combat.


  • Buster Shot: Blast a Target with a ball of Ice released from your gun arm. This attack does no damage, but instead reduces Shields to Zero.
  • Charged-Up Blast: The first time you use this ability it does nothing but charge up your gun arm. The second time you use this ability it deals 99 Damage in a Line.



A Porc who was raised by Hobgoblins, Tubs and his brother Johnny Feo dream of becoming chefs but have fallen to crime to make money.

Murder Bros



After failing to defend the entrance to the Murder Mines, He, Bubs, and the cartel were subdued and arrested.