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URealms Live
URealms Logo.png
May 30th, 2015

URealms Live, previously known as Unforgotten Realms Live, was a live gaming show developed by Robert Moran and a dedicated staff. URealms Live was a show created through a homebrewed tabletop roleplaying game consisting of various campaigns that tell the storylines of Characters to craft a world filled with Lore. The first campaign was aired on May 30th, 2015, and used to be one of Rob Moran's main creative project.


URealms Live was created by Robert Moran as a way to create a new show on Youtube. Originally called Unforgotten Realms Live, after his original cartoon, the show aired its pilot campaign, the Non-Canon The Nuren Campaign, on March 15, 2015. Three months later, the first official campaign was aired with the core cast of URealms Live.



URealms Live began with the non-canon campaign, the Nuren Campaign on March 15, 2015. Its goal was to help finance the kickstarter by Jake Kaufman, who appeared as a player on the show. Arin Hanson, of Game Grumps fame, also appeared in the campaign as a player. The campaign featured basic ground work for the future of URealms Live, such as a basic story, a Player Health system, and a set of rudimentary boards. This campaign was soon discarded to the overall lore of the show and has not been referenced since.

Season One[edit]

URealms Live officially began with the first campaign, Band of Thieves, on May 30, 2015. This season showed the introduction of many groundwork characters and plot elements that would shape the future of the show. This was also the first season to feature the PuppetPal system, Supporter Events and various early Lore elements. The core cast of the show, Rob, Coestar, Deadbones, Roamin and Justin, appeared in this season, with the only guest to be featured was Millbee. The behind the scene cast consisted of Nick Graves, Meganzoor, Haunter and RadioactiveK.

Season Two[edit]

Season Two began on May 28, 2016 and featured refined elements of many things from Season One. A more coherent lore was built and began to introduced during this season, along with an improved PuppetPal system. The core cast expanded this season to include Millbee and the newest player Nisovin. The behind the scene cast was reworked to feature Meganzoor, Sixelona, Kelli, IrishxLily and Haunter.

Season Three[edit]

Season Three began on May 27, 2017 and was a further improvement on the core elements of the show. This season saw the removal of Stamina Costs on spells, the introduction of the Divine Decision system, along with integration of the URealms website. The core cast expanded this season to include a new player, Spiff. The behind the scene cast remained the same from the previous season.

Season Four[edit]

Season Four started, and ended, on July 27th, 2019. The only campaign aired was The Yes King before Rob announced on October 14th, 2019 during his Major Career announcement stream that Urealms Live was over, but may comeback in the future.


Game Masters and Players[edit]

Character Occupation
RobGamePiece.png Rob Game Master, Player
CoestarGamePiece.png Coestar Player
DeadbonesGamePiece.png Deadbones Game Master, Player
RoaminGamePiece.png Roamin Player
JustinGamePiece.png Justin Player
MillbeeGamePiece.png Millbee Player
Nisovin Nisovin Player
SpiffGamePiece.png Spiff Player

Artists and Editor[edit]

Character Occupation
MeganzoorIcon.png Meganzoor Animatic Artist, Map Artist
Sixelona Profile.png Sixelona Animation Artist, Character Artist
Url logo.png Kelli Color Pallet Chooser
IrishxLily Twitter Avatar.jpg Irishxlily Card Artist, Shirt Artist, Poster Artist
Haunter.png Haunter Editor, Sound chooser

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