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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!

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Unexpected Discovery
Original Air Date: Sept 17th, 2016
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Campaign guide
The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
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The Guild of Explorers has found an ancient dungeon from before the Birth of Magic and is currently working on terms to sell the discovery to the Grand Paladin Order. While these two organizations have worked with each other in the past, their goals are very different from each other. The Guild seeks out to maximum its profits while the Grand Paladin Order searches for artifacts and ancient texts that are important to their order.



Character Race Class Player
Triton Ground Kobold Ranger Roamin
Hill Dwarf Templar Deadbones
Raynel Icon.png Raynel Keen Gnome Wizard Justin
Tall Dwarf Sun Cleric Coestar


Character Race Class

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Episode Guide

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 September 16, 2016
[Episode 1 - Not yet released]
[Episode 2 - Not yet released]
[Episode 3 - Not yet released]
[Episode 4 - Not yet released]
[Episode 5 - Not yet released]
[Episode 6 - Not yet released]
[Episode 7 - Not yet released]
[Episode 8 - Not yet released]
[Episode 9 - Not yet released]
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