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Usu DOD Puppet.png
Race Believer Porc
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Peasant
Gender Male
Affiliations Karl Landers
Companions Harpy
Relatives None
Status Alive
Portrayed By Roamin
First Appearance Den of Devils

Usu is a Black Boar Porc Peasant played by Roamin in Den of Devils. The story of Usu is a Porc who believes himself to be a Harpy and must complete a series of trials in order to become a fully realized Harpy and be crowned Prince of the Harpies. The first Usu seen is a Porc who had began following the legendary archer Karl Landers and delves into the den of Vlaurunga's Whelplings. He, among many, survive the mission, successfully stealing dragon eggs and escaping the den.



Usu is a large Porc with a mohawk haircut. As he believes he is a Harpy, he wears a costume that comprises of a full set of wings made of feathers around his arms, as well as a beak mask covering his nose.


Usu, like many Porcs respects strength, and follows Karl Landers because of his strength. Usu is very gullible, and will try to complete any task that he is told is one of trials towards becoming the Prince of Harpies. He is also not very smart.


Powers & Abilities


Companion Abilities








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Usu's Harpy

Harpy JDI.png
Name Usu's Harpy
Race Harpy
Stamina 25
Capable of Speech No
Status Deceased
First Appearance Den of Devils

Usu's Harpy is an unnamed Harpy companion that first appeared in the Den of Devils campaign. The Harpy accompanied Usu into a den of Whelplings, but perished at the hands of an enranged Michael Langstrom.




This Harpy was found by Usu when it was seen digging into Usu's fat rolls while he slept. While the Harpy was trying to steal from the Porc, Usu believed it to be a sign that he will become the Prince of Harpies. Somehow the Harpy stayed with Usu as they traveled, eventually joining Karl's Porcs.

Den of Devils

The Harpy died during a fight with a Whelpling as Michael Langstrom was mind controlled by the Whelpling and began beating the Harpy down into a pulp, killing it with his bare fists.



The story of Usu begins with a time where Usu was camping, having been awoken by a Harpy attempting to steal off of him. Usu misinterpreted this as his calling for himself to become the "Prince of Harpies", and using a book as a guide to go through several trials. During his time to seek these trials, he saw Karl Landers' legendary archery take out a group of Porcs, and successfully turn the remaining Porcs into his followers. Usu eventually joined these followers, and journeyed with Karl back into the den of Whelplings.

Den of Devils


Usu, along with Jebediah, were the second and third people to escape the Den through Nisovin's magic portal.


  • Usu is the only player character to not obtain his Legendary item in the Den of Devils campaign.
  • According to himself, Usu means "Prince of Harpies".
  • Usu can control wind magic.