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* Virgo is very strong, doing twenty damage with no weapons in the final encounter of [[The New Crew]].
* Virgo is very strong, doing twenty damage with no weapons in the final encounter of [[The New Crew]].
* About 10% of the [http://live.urealms.com/cards#treasure-03040-ability-dungoneerencyclopedia Dungeoneer Encyclopedia] is filled with facts about Virgo.
* About 10% of the [http://live.urealms.com/cards#treasure-03040-ability-dungoneerencyclopedia Dungeoneer Encyclopedia] is filled with facts about Virgo.
* If the murder bros won the fight in Buckeroos then virgo would have been the second sun sword to have lost their head.
* When Virgo was fighting Bopen he had both eyes, however, this was not intentional.
* When Virgo was fighting Bopen he had both eyes, however, this was not intentional.

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Virgo Sunsword Sixelona.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Paladin
Gender Male
Affiliations The Sunswords Military
Alias Grandpapi (By Phineas)
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance The New Crew
"The Light gives us strength. The Light gives us courage. But most of all, the Light gives us hope!"
— Virgo Sunsword

Virgo Sunsword is a Noble Born Grand Paladin played by Rob in The New Crew, The Fall of Dundinborough and The Skeleton King as an NPC, and in The Death of Virgo as a player. He is a powerful Elf who is the patriarch of the Sunsword Family.




Virgo is a strong elf, with paladin-looking armor. He has a scar over his right eye, and is seen to have thin white hair.


Virgo seems to be a very tough, hardy elf. Being the father of Gwyneth Sunsword and a Grand Paladin, he has quite formidable strength, as a normal punch did serious damage to his godson Phineas Barringster.

Virgo is a very intimidating man who does not hesitate to put people in their place. During the fight with the Crew of the Bocoe, Virgo left the helm of his ship by leaping to extreme heights and landing in the middle of the Bocoe. He continued to display his physical prowess by staring down an extremely large Porc without hesitation or reserve. The intimidation goes past his physical prowess, as he managed to scare Merci to give up the fight and reserve to going to the Silvermine Mountains. Even with a glance, Phineas Barringster, his godson, was rendered helpless in fear of his godfather. Once Virgo boarded, he mentioned how Phineas has irritated him in the past and proceeded to punch him in the face.


The Sunsword Family

Virgo is the father of Gwyneth Sunsword, Galen Sunsword, and five other children: Sierra, Kolvar, Fox, Merith, and Leopold Barringster, who no longer uses the Sunsword name. He has entrusted all of his seven children with tang-colored keys, of which he has the eighth. He's also the godfather of Phineas Barringster. It is unknown what his relationships with his family are like, but it clear that he is well-respected and/or feared among his relations (most notably by Phineas).

Ghana Ens Sin

Ghana Ens Sin is the second in command of Virgo's personal squadron. They are very close, having worked with one another for many years, going back to the times preceeding the Ironstone Accords. They both hold a feeling of great respect and admiration for one other and often joke about new recruits or experiences they have shared together. Virgo often approaches Ghana to consult his Pearl of Hindsight "eye", although he tends to use it incorrectly.

Nathaniel Granger

Virgo shares a peculiar relationship with a member of his personal squadron, Nathaniel Granger. Virgo had apparently demanded that Granger's wife, Cecilia marry him, to which Nathaniel refused. Virgo kidnapped Cecilia, and she was eventually murdered by Virgo himself. Nathaniel, appears to have forgiven Virgo for his transgressions, and believes him at his word that "Nothing happened" between himself and Cecilia. Regardless, there is some occasional awkwardness between the two at times, further made awkward by the fact that Granger's Nimbus Cloud houses Cecilia's spirit. Virgo remains apologetic about the matter.

In truth, Cecilia had once been a member of Virgo's squadron many years prior to her marriage to Nathaniel, as well as his consort, until she was captured and believed to have been killed in an Ageless raid. She was instead forcibly turned into an Ageless herself and subsequently went into hiding in a small town. These she met and eventually married Nathaniel, only to be discovered by Virgo (who had been the governing party of the small town) on the night of the wedding and subsequently taken. Knowing that she had to be an Ageless after surviving the raid, Virgo was forced to kill Cecilia. Nathaniel discovered the body and revived his deceased wife as a Nimbus. Despite their storied history, Cecilia appears to be on good terms with Virgo, having no hard feelings over her death. Virgo and Cecilia have mutually agreed to spare Nathaniel the truth of her death and both insist that nothing happened.

Other members of Virgo's personal squadron throughout the years include: Tennís, Jenathorn Barringster as well as his son, Galen.

Powers and Abilities


Paladin Abilities

Sorcerer Abilities

Wizard Abilities

Prayer Abilities

These are abilities that Virgo used by praying to The Light, with his Paladin passive ability.

Uncategorized Abilities

  • Leaping: Virgo is able to leap to extreme heights.









Many years ago, Virgo Sunsword did battle with the Cult of Bones and their deity, The Ageless One. Although the Cultists, being Ageless, were immune to most types of damage, Virgo found a way to defeat and kill off many of them. He also found a way to defeat the Ageless One, and force him into a prolonged slumber. Where the Ageless One slept, Virgo ordered the construction of mountains on top of it. These mountains became the Silvermine Mountains.

The Fall of Dundinborough

Virgo and his personal squadron (this time made up of Galen Sunsword, Jenathorn Barringster, Ghana Ens Sin and Cecilia Briggs) make a visit to the Dwarven stronghold of Dundinborough to discuss the prospect of the King of Dundinborough's signing of the Ironstone Accords. King Dundinborough takes issue with the wording of the accords, notably the suggestion that Elves and Dwarves are not to be seen as equal races. Seeking to prove his race's worth, he and Virgo have their men face off in combat to prove superiority. King Dundinborough's men would defeat Virgo's men, but somewhat fail to make their point, as they had an elf on their side. Virgo would eventually leave Dundinborough, but would leave his squad and James Briggs in the drawven kingdom as acting security and representatives.

King Dundinborough would ultimately stall his agreement to sign the accords until it was too late, as a massive Ageless raid, lead by Bopen the Skeleton King himself, came and overwhelmed Dundinborough Castle. Without the protection provided by the Accords, the kingdom fell in a night. Virgo's men and King Dundinborough's personal guards would split up to retrieve backup, but would ultimately fail to save the kingdom and the royal family.

During this time, he was in a relationship with Cecilia Briggs, who also acted as a notable member of Virgo's person squadron of Elven military. One day, Cecilia was captured and believed to be killed during an Ageless raid, but was apparently forced to become an Ageless to save her own life. Briggs would go into hiding in a small town, eventually falling in love marrying a Dwelf by the name of Nathaniel Granger, taking his surname. Unfortunately, Cecilia was discovered by Virgo on the night of her wedding. Knowing that she must have become an Ageless to have survived the raid, Virgo took Cecilia and killed her. Cecilia's cursed soul fused with soul of her husband through Earth Magic, and she became become Nathaniel's Nimbus. Either out of pity or perhaps out of concern for the Dwelf's soul (being joined with the soul of a former ageless), Virgo would have Nathaniel join his personal squadron after Granger quickly rose through the ranks of the Elven military.

The Death of Virgo

Virgo Sunsword leads a group of Elven elite to investigate the disappearance of an entire Elf village and the two Elven rescue squads' sent to investigate. After finding Reginald Barringster III there and his mute squire, Simon, Virgo was immediately suspicious but decided to carry on his search with the new direction and forced accompaniment of Reginald and, subsequently, his squire. A brief altercation with Elaphelks occurs soon after the group exits the village where one is charmed into a companion by Nathaniel Granger who insists they keep it. A short scene then occurs where the decision to bring this newly acquired companion over a frozen lake is discussed and, after an amazing leap across it by the Elaphelk and a tedious journey across for others, the group continues on its investigation. An intense battle then occurs between the crew and a new enemy, Snobolds, that results in a victory for the crew but, after a critical fail when Virgo attempts to fix Simon's vocal cords with Lay on Hands, Simon's neck is snapped accidentally and his body is left in the snow as the crew continue on with a very disgruntled Reginald. They then discover a cave full of gnomes where the crew tries to teleport one of them via using Cecilia Granger's ability. This quickly fails and the group are forced to move further into the cave, but not before Reginald disappears. They then discover the kidnapped people were turned into the horrifying Flesh Monstrosity by a group of Flesh Weaving gnomes lead by Smiggons. After the battle Tennís finds a sort of 'receipt' that is for the deliverance of bodies of said kidnapped people signed by Reginald Barringster III.

The Cobblers

During Borris Cobbler's third seizure-induced dream, he sees Virgo Sunsword questioning a small Gnome in a cave. The Gnome reveals that Reginald Barringster III had asked them to sew together the Flesh Monstrosity from the Elven village people, which causes Virgo to confront Reginald. By seeing this vision, Borris believes Reginald to be a traitor, and destroys his mind with Dreambolt, which leads him to be corrupted by Legion, which then later causes him to set up the events for The Death of Virgo, as the vision was of the future. It is currently unknown if Virgo ever found and dealt with Reginald Barringster.

The New Crew

After the Crew of the Bocoe was able to steal the key from the beach resort house, they were on their way back to Nisovin, when they encountered an Elven ship containing many Sun Clerics, and Virgo. Virgo was able to leap across to the Bocoe, from the ship he was commanding to attack the crew. Eventually he was able to round up most of the crew, with the exception of the two goblins, Marco and Polo, as well as Rick Snot. After that, he sentenced them to the Silvermine Mountains.

The Skeleton King

Before he could take Prisoners to the Mountain, he and his boat are attacked by Bopen and his Ageless Crew. He immediately goes on board this attacking ship, and duels with Bopen while his crew deals with the Ageless, who start to overwhelm them.


After a long battle with Bopen, Virgo suplexes Bopen, crushing his skull. Virgo and the Sunswords start to make a comeback, until Virgo hears something that should be impossible: cackling, from Bopen himself. Bopen decapitates Virgo, and after charring his skull, replaces his own skull with Virgo's. Virgo dies from this, and the fate of the rest of his crew, and the Prisoners he was transporting, remain unknown.

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  • Virgo is very strong, doing twenty damage with no weapons in the final encounter of The New Crew.
  • About 10% of the Dungeoneer Encyclopedia is filled with facts about Virgo.
  • If the murder bros won the fight in Buckeroos then virgo would have been the second sun sword to have lost their head.
  • When Virgo was fighting Bopen he had both eyes, however, this was not intentional.