Vitali Zankovich

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Vitali Zankovich

Vitali Zankovich RadioactiveK.png
Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Magician
Gender Male
Affiliations The Woodcarvers
Alias Zanky
Status Alive
Portrayed By Deadbones
First Appearance Woodcarvers

Vitali Zankovich is a Hill Dwarf Magician played by Deadbones in the Woodcarvers campaign. Vitali is a retired Magician who worked as a Lumberjack in Waldon, but after the attack from Golestandt, he and his grandson Mikael joined Gwyneth Sunsword.



Vitali is a male hill dwarf with a muscular figure, tanned skin, and very hairy chest and arms. He is an older dwarf, as can be seen from his greying hair and wrinkles, and has many scars, most notably a large 'X' shaped scar over his nose, and a smaller 'X' on his right cheek. He has golden eyes, a short grey beard and mustache, that are well groomed, and a tuft of grey hair atop his head, that is otherwise shaved. Vitali wears a purple unitard that is sleeveless and ends at the middle of his calves, a red plaid belt and wrist bands, brown pouches attached to his belt and black and grey boots. He has a tattoo on his right shoulder that has a winged wand and a banner that reads "Yes Yes Yes" under the wand. He notably has magic particles coming from his beard, which he uses in the same fashion as a Regal Top Hat.


Vitali is a charismatic Magician who loves to cast spells and perform tricks. One of his favorite tricks is to pretend that he finds a Lucky Silver Coin behind the ear of the person he performs the trick on.

Vitali is somewhat oblivious, and makes irrational decisions that sometimes lands his team in situations that could have been avoided. His oblivious and blunt side shows in his nickname for Alessa Stonemason, "sad lady."

Vitali is a very caring grandfather, and often tries to protect Mikael, whilst looking out for him. His overzealous nature does show in his relationship with his grandson as well, such as when he shows support for his relationship with Heathera so much so that he refers to her as Mikael's "future wife."


Mikael Zankovich

Mikael is Vitali's grandson who resides with him and his grandmother Wanda. Vitali cares deeply about his grandson and always encourages his behaviors.

Powers & Abilities


Magician Abilities

Bonedancer Abilities

Former Abilities





  • Beard: Instead of a top hat, Vitali pulls spells out of his beard.








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Lacerator WC.png
Name Ivan
Race Lacerator
Stamina 25
Capable of Speech No
Status Unknown
First Appearance Woodcarvers

Ivan is a Lacerator that was Vitali's companion for a short time during the Woodcarvers campaign.




Ivan was one of the Lacerators that was in the woods just outside of Waldon. It became Vitali's companion when Vitali pulled a Conversion spell out of his beard, causing the lacerator to become friendly. Once the other lacerators were defeated, the group left to continue on their mission to destroy the fungus infecting the woods. However, upon meeting Rafeal the druid, Vitali saw how lonely he was, and gave Ivan to him, to cheer him up. As Rafeal was later killed, Ivan's fate is unknown.



A long time ago, Vitali was a performing Magician in Abracadab, and travelled with his assistant and wife, Wanda, as well as her Hat Rats. His shows would often involve a mixture of Magician magic and feats of strength, such as using Hocus Pocus to pull random creatures out of his beard, which he would then fight.

As Vitali grew older, he settled down and had three children with his wife: two daughters and a son. One daughter grew up to be a great Magician, whilst the other became a Wizard, resulting her being hated and outcast from the family. The son married the daughter of an heiress to the largest hat factory in Abracadab, and had a son named Mikael. This son and his wife were later killed by 15 bandits, whilst delivering a shipment of hats, leading to Mikael being forced to live with his grandparents. The whereabouts of the other two children are unknown.

When his grandson expressed interest in going to Abracadab, Vitali stated that he cannot go back, as he assassinated some people there. He also said that when the hat rats were exploding at the start of Woodcarvers that it was "just like war!" Whether this war is the 'Great Hat Rat War' is unknown.



After dealing with the mindless Ageless left in the wake of Golestandt in their former home, Vitali, Alessa Stonemason, and Jormr are approached by Gwyneth Sunsword and asked to join her and Kallark in chasing down the Ageless Dragon and putting the Doomed Souls left behind to rest. Alessa asks Vitali if he can apprentice Heathera Stonemason to be a magician like him.