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The Warrior class of Unforgotten Realms Live generally acts as the tank of a party. Warriors normally use up their turns in support to their team by taking heavy loads of damage, or by blocking it. On the other hand, they deal tons of damage by going full-blown melee, able to use the environment to their advantage.


Name / Description Spell gem.png Melee gem.png Range gem old.png Radius Gem.png Interrupt gem.png Limited gem.png Stamina Cost Image
Starting Gear and Passives +10
Warriors[sic] start with 2000 gold. Anytime you take damage you may immediately counter attack the target with a basic attack if they are in range.
Blockade 1
Raise up your shield preventing all damage to you and anyone directly behind you for this turn, as long as you can keep your balance. While blocking, you cannot be moved. Your allies may move you during their turn against your will instead of moving themselves.
Charge 10 1
Run forward as fast as you can in a straight line dealing 5 damage and pushing any target you run into. Allies may roll to jump on your back or out of the way to avoid this damage. You can stop at any time or until you hit a wall.
Chivalry 5 Yes 1
Jump to the aid of a nearby target taking all damage they would have taken from an attack. If you finds the target you are protecting attractive, you may ignore the Stamina cost of this ability by using a creepy pickup line on said target.
Tosser 5 1
Lift an adjacent target and throw them at target space. Both targets take 5 damage and are stunned for their next round of combat. Allies can roll to avoid the damage and if successful may also attack or use an ability.
Whirlwind 5 3 3
Begin a whirlwind that allows you to move every time a target finishes their turn. You may move 1 space and then deal 2 damage to all adjacent targets. Using whirlwind multiple times in a row can make you very dizzy.

Notable Warriors