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|name= Woodcarvers
|name= Woodcarvers
|image= File:WC Logo.png
|airdate= May 28th, 2016
|airdate= May 28th, 2016
|previous= [[The Death of Virgo]]
|previous= [[The Death of Virgo]]

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This article is about the Season 2 Campaign. For the Organization, see List of Organizations#The Woodcarvers.

Air Date: May 28th, 2016
The Death of Virgo
Okagnoma Guild Hall

Woodcarvers is the first campaign of URealms Season 2, and it originally aired on May 28th, 2016. In this campaign, the small town of Waldon has been having some troubles with a fungus infection in the forest. The townsfolk are afraid that if the fungi get a hold of the forest, it could put them out of work, or worse, put their town in danger. A band of Lumberjacks known as The Woodcarvers are planning to head deep into the forest to deal with the outbreak before it puts the town at risk.



Character Race Class Player
Alessa Stonemason Icon.png Alessa Stonemason Dwarf Ranger Coestar
Jormr Icon.png Jormr Black Boar Lumberjack Justin
Michael Langstrom Icon.png Michael Langstrom Gnome Templar Roamin
Vitali Zankovich Icon.png Vitali Zankovich Dwarf Magician Deadbones


Character Race Class
Heathera Stonemason Icon.png Heathera Stonemason Dwarf
Jormr's Stepson Icon.png Jormr's Stepson Dwarf
Mikael Zankovich Icon.png Mikael Zankovich Dwarf
Taylor Langstrom Icon.png Taylor Langstrom Gnome
Sheila Icon.png Sheila Dwarf
Wanda Zankovich Icon.png Wanda Zankovich Dwarf
Rupert Icon.png Rupert Dwarf
Rafeal Icon.png Rafeal Druid
Highbear Armor Icon.png Ursa Faiden Highbear
Penelope Saysong Icon.png Penelope Saysong Elf Bard/Ranger
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Gwyneth Sunsword Elf Suncleric
Kallark Gandolin Icon.png Kallark Gandolin Dwelf Suncleric
The Ageless One Icon.png Golestandt Dragon Aspect

Battle Encounters


Our adventure begins in the Dwarven town of Waldon with a group of lumberjacks, known as The Woodcarvers. We meet Michael Langstrom, their leader, with his drunk son Taylor and their Elaphelk companion, who places a Silver Silk Collar around his son, to keep him from trouble. Vitali Zankovich begins his morning with his wife, Wanda's pet Hat Rats exploding, with Vitali protecting his grandson Mikael. Jormr is being taken advantage of by his greedy 'son' and his cheating wife Sheila as normal. Lastly, Heathera Stonemason is confronting her mother Alessa, terrified by her nightmares whilst asking about her father, as well as wishing to be ranger like her mother.

Michael brings his son, Taylor, to work because his babysitter is sick. The group reaches the town gate where they find a guard named Rupert. Rupert lets them know that the lumber mill is closed and will not be opened until the fungus is taken care of. He says that the fungus is down by the wood bridge, and it was so strong that he almost died. In an attempt to show Taylor a magic trick, Vitali casts Mind Burn on Rupert, tearing off his arm. Rupert then goes off to visit Jormr's wife Sheila, to get his arm "healed up". When Vitali isn't paying attention, Taylor takes his Love Potion, thinking it's a drink. Jormr's Stepson is forced to join the group and travels with them into the forest. Vitali, once again, pulls a spell out of his beard and casts Soul Steal on Jormr, but does no damage and looks terrifyingly awesome. On the other side of the gate, Alessa sees her daughter talking to Mikael. To show her mom that she can be independent, Heathera casts a very impressive Arcane Beam. Michael is so impressed that Heathera is inducted into their lumberjack business, and allowed to come on their adventure.

Almost as soon as the group leave the town they see two Lacerators. Alessa does some scouting to confirm, she reports back that there are two and the possibility of a third. As she does this, Taylor runs rampant behind Vitali. They decide to kill the lacerators to make the trip easier.

After a battle involving an accidental Polymorph, Converting one of the lacerators, dealing with pitfalls and a Momma Lacerator, eventually, they win. They come across Rafeal, and, for befriending a lacerator, are spared his wrath and after debate, Alessa receives his blessing, some vestments, and his warning, as well as a way to call him if they need him, by saying "moist forest".

Upon resting, they arrive in a clearing, and notice a Lowbear nearby, eating some berries. Knowing the danger, they plan on just sneaking past, even though Alessa notices a Tambok Ticket near it, but ignores it. On calling Rafeal for his advice, he admits that he's lonly, so they give him the lacerator they converted. While Micheal deals with his son, who's under the effects of the love potion, another Highbear shows up and begins fighting the lowbear. As they try to sneak past, Jormr attracts their attention, and the highbear ask for their assistance, calling the lowbear a criminal, as the lowbear sneaks away and armors up. Deciding to help the highbear, the team swarms his adversary. During the fight, Alessa finds the lowbear's assistants, beats them and ties them up, then rejoins the battle as the lowbear faces off against the others, but ends up thinking she killed her daughter with a misfired arrow, so she snaps her Longbow. When the lowbear gets weak, and the other highbear flees, the lowbear convinces the group to stand down. The fight ends, and Alessa is relieved to find her daughter is okay, and, upon taking her daughters bow, she approves of Heathera becoming a Magician. Jomr's stepson tries to steal Vitali's ticket after borrowing money from Jomr, only to be declined. He then tries to lie to Jormr about Vitali being the boyfriend of Sheila, although he is ignored. The lowbear, who is named Ursa Faiden, ends up sharing gifts with the lumberjacks, including Micheal receiving a Legendary Slimey Tunnel Shovel, and Jomr's stepson taking a cursed Bloody Bulwark, while Alessa gives him her Baby Berry Bush.

They arrive at the lake, to find that the bridge has been destroyed. Vitali is asked by Michael to polymorph his elapelk, only for him to polymorph it into a different elaphelk, and cast Conjure Fortune, causing him to gain Flexible Limbs. As they try and cross the river, they discover some of the rocks are actually Catapult Turtles, and notice a mysterious rock in the centre of the lake. As they debate how to cross the river, Penelope Saysong appears, offering to help them cross. Curious about the rock, they call Rafeal, but he just runs the moment he sees it. Suddenly, the rock explodes when Mikael touchs it, hurting him and his grandfather, and they awaken The Whisper Snake of Waldon Lake. They then have to cross the frozen lake, dealing with the Whisper Snake, who begins a chain of whispers on Vitali, who then Copycats it to turn even more people, and even Alessa is forced to try and shot her own daughter. Everyone but Jomr's stepson makes it across, the snake whispering to him as the rest escape.

On recovering, Heathera seems to have wanted a break from Mikeal after he whispered some dark Abracadab that Vitali had said to him on being mind-controlled. Rafeal admits that he knew what the Frost Stone was, and admitted he was Doomed as well, and Heathera showed interest in him. After showing off an impressive Vanish, Heathera finally convinces her mom to reveal her past: about her father, and her twin brother. As Penelope tells them a bit about the Shroom Trent, Jormr reveals a bit of his past as well. Rafeal tries to talk to the trent, but is unable to reason with it, so the Lumberjacks and Rafeal engage it. The trent absorbs some spells, and keeps splitting, and as they lose both Rafeal and Taylor, and even though they get some backup in Penelope and a Dwarf from the town, they seem to be losing when one of the mushrooms begins to regrow to a colossal size...

Until suddenly, Golestandt flies overhead, killing the shroom, but also destroying the entirety of Waldon. In the chaos, they notice the Ageless corpse of Taylor wandering toward them. Resisting his breath, Michael pushes his son back and walls him inside a Glacial Prison. Penelope flees, warning them about not breathing in the smoke. Michael notices the little Dwarf that Vitali had teleported in, grabbing him and bringing him on his elaphelk back to Ursa Faiden, having given up on the group and heading on his own path. Vitali runs into town, passing a buffalo-hatted Ageless, only to find his wife, also an ageless. Resisting her breath, he runs back to the others. As he returns, out of the forest come Gwyneth Sunsword and Kallark Gandolin, who are following the dragon and helping those left in his wake. They offer to help the remaining lumberjacks with clearing out their old home, setting the ageless townfolks' souls free. Kallark bonds a bit with Jormr on hearing about his son of a different race to his own.

The remaining people (minus Mikael) all proceed to do battle with the ageless ones. Jormr loses his blood cobra to the Ageless Sheila, but frees her and Rupert's souls. Vitali helps his wife's soul free, and even uses Disguise to reinvigorate himself in battle. Even though she loses her composure for a bit, with Heathera's help, even Alessa is able to take out a few of them, including the Ageless Rafeal. As they finish them, they notice Mikael is about to get killed by the last Ageless Taylor, but Mikael is able to end the unlife of his friend. The remaining party agree to follow Gwyneth and Kallark, with Heathera flirting with her new teacher, Vitali, having being given approval to be his student by Alessa.

Lore Introduced

Major Lore

Minor Lore

  • High Bear Society is established.
  • Frost Stones are introduced.
  • Slime is established.
  • More information about Whisper Snakes and Shroom Trents is revealed.
  • Rafeal, Rupert, Sheila, and Wanda Zankovich die.
  • It is established that, sometime before the events of this campaign, Harold Stonemason, Vitali's son, and Vitali's daughter-in-law died.
  • It is established that, sometime before the events of this campaign, Lizzy Langstrom disappeared.

Timeline Placement

Card Quests

Donation Block Ability Cards Lore Cards Legendaries
Town of Waldon
The Forest Lacerator

Momma Lacerator

The Lowbear Disgraced Bear Highbear Society

Ursa Faiden, Part 1

Ursa Faiden, Part 2

Ursa Faiden, Part 3

Slimey Tunnel Shovel
Broken Bridge Catapult Turtles

Frost Stones

Whisper Snake

Fungus of the Forest /

Scar of the Realm

Shroom Trent

Golestandt, Part 1

Golestandt, Part 2

Episode Guide

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Episode 1 May 29, 2016
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Episode 3 May 29, 2016
Episode 4 May 30, 2016
Episode 5 May 30, 2016
Episode 6 May 30, 2016
Episode 7 May 31, 2016
Episode 8 May 31, 2016
Finale - Episode 9 May 31, 2016
Behind the Scenes Jun 3, 2016
Campaign Playlist