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|name= Woodcarvers
|name= Woodcarvers
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|airdate= May 28th, 2016
|airdate= May 28th, 2016
|previous= [[The Death of Virgo]]
|previous= [[The Death of Virgo]]
|next= TBA
|next= [[Okagnoma Guild Hall]]

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Original Air Date: May 28th, 2016
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The Death of Virgo
Okagnoma Guild Hall
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Woodcarvers is the 1st campaign of URealms Season 2, and it originally aired on May 28th, 2016. In this campaign, the small town of Waldon has been having some troubles with a fungus infection in the forest. The townsfolk are afraid that if the fungi get a hold of the forest, it could put them out of work, or worse, put their town in danger. A band of Lumberjacks known as The Woodcarvers are planning to head deep into the forest to deal with the outbreak before it puts the town at risk.



Character Race Class Player
Alessa Stonemason Icon.png Alessa Stonemason Hill Dwarf Ranger Coestar
Jormr Icon.png Jormr Black Boar Porc Lumberjack Justin
Michael Langstrom Icon.png Michael Langstrom Okagnoma Gnome Templar Roamin
Vitali Zankovich Icon.png Vitali Zankovich Hill Dwarf Magician Deadbones


Character Race Class
Heathera Stonemason Icon.png Heathera Stonemason Dwarf None
Jormr's Stepson Icon.png Jormr's Stepson Dwarf None
Mikael Zankovich Icon.png Mikael Zankovich Dwarf None
Taylor Langstrom Icon.png Taylor Langstrom Gnome None
Sheila Icon.png Sheila Dwarf Unknown
Wanda Zankovich Icon.png Wanda Zankovich Dwarf Unknown
Rupert Icon.png Rupert Dwarf Unknown
Rafeal Icon.png Rafeal Druid Unknown
100px Ursa Faiden Highborn High Bear Unknown
Penelope Saysong Icon.png Penelope Saysong Elf Bard/Ranger
100px Gwyneth Sunsword Noble Born Elf Sun Cleric
100px Kallark Dwelf Sun Cleric
The Ageless One Icon.png Golestandt Dragon Aspect None

Battle Encounters


Our adventure begins in the Dwarven town of Waldon with a group of lumberjacks that are tasked with destroying a Mushroom Trent that has been taking over a forest. Michael Langstrom brings his son, Taylor Langstrom, to work because his babysitter is sick. The group reaches the town gate where they find a guard named Rupert. Rupert lets them know that the lumber mill is closed and will not be opened until the fungus is taken care of. He says that the fungus is down by the wood bridge, and it was so strong that he almost died. In an attempt to show Taylor a magic trick, Vitali Zankovich casts Mind Burn on Rupert, tearing off his arm. Rupert then goes off to visit Jormr's wife Sheila, to get his arm "healed up". When Vitali isn't paying attention, Taylor takes his Love Potion thinking it's a drink. Jormr's Stepson is forced to join the group and travels with them into the forest. Vitali once again pulls a spell out of his beard and casts Soul Steal on Jormr, but does no damage and looks terrifyingly awesome. On the other side of the gate, Alessa Stonemason sees her daughter, Heathera Stonemason, talking to Vitali's grandson, Mikael Zankovich. To show her mom that she can be independent, Heathera casts a very impressive Arcane Beam. Michael is so impressed that Heathera is inducted into their lumberjack business, and allowed to come on their adventure.

Almost as soon as the group leave the town they see two lacerator. Alessa does some scouting to confirm, she reports back that there are two lacerators and the possibility of a third as she's doing this Taylor runs rampant behind vitali they decide to kill the lacerators to make the trip easier, Alessa starts the combat by trying to launch a fire arrow at one of the lacerator using augment but launches an earth arrow by mistake. Vitali casts rolling fog from his beard across the front of the two lacerators, Jormr slides up on his blood cobra and summons eight Blood Snake from the forest to assist in battle, Alessa then uses volley on one of the lacerator sending a volley of arrows in the air coming down on the lacerator which fully alerts the lacerator to the lumberjacks, Micheal uses his Tome of Slime Walls to put a wall of slime in front of the other lacerator, as he does this a Momma Lacerator burst from the ground behind the group and grabs Jormr's stepson, Jormr's blood snakes swarm around a lacerator and try to attack but end up just attacking each other killing three of them. Vitali then tries to cast Hocus Pocus but accidentally casts polymorph on himself turning himself into a different looking dwarf

Episode Guide

# Title Airdate
00 Campaign Playlist
01 Character Creation - Episode 0 May 27, 2016
02 Episode 1 May 29, 2016
03 Episode 2 May 29, 2016
04 Episode 3 May 29, 2016
05 Episode 4 May 30, 2016
06 Episode 5 May 30, 2016
07 Episode 6 May 30, 2016
08 Episode 7 May 31, 2016
09 Episode 8 May 31, 2016
10 Finale - Episode 9 May 31, 2016
11 Behind the Scenes Jun 3, 2016