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*'''''"I've restarted before."'''''
::''- Jormr when he realizes what happened to the city of Waldon.
===[[Michael Langstrom]]===
===[[Michael Langstrom]]===

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This is a selection of quotes from the Woodcarvers campaign.

Player Quotes


Alessa Stonemason


  • "I've restarted before."
- Jormr when he realizes what happened to the city of Waldon.

Michael Langstrom

Vitali Zankovich

  • "Oh God it's just like war!"
- When all the Hat Rats start exploding in the Zankovich household.
  • "They're all dead... Not even dead, they're more than... *sigh* monsters now."
- When Vitali returns to the group to tell them what happened to the town.

NPC Quotes

Heathera Stonemason

  • "They needed another hole."
- Remembering the reason why her mother's eye was removed by bandits.

Jormr's Stepson

Mikael Zankovich

Taylor Langstrom


Penelope Saysong

Gwyneth Sunsword