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Race Ytt
Hostile Yes
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Equipment Unknown
Capable of Speech Unknown
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Sunswords

The Ytts is a rock-like creature that looks very similar to a stone monkey. They were first seen in the fifth campaign, Sunswords.



Ytts were first encountered during The Sunswords campaign, in which they first showed off their appearance and abilities. These Ytts lived in a very rocky canyon, and were slain by the Sunswords.


Ytts have a peculiar ability, to be able to turn into the character that attacks them. This form of the Ytt is able to use all of that character's abilities. It should also be noted that when a Ytt directly attacks a character, it will be able to mind control them.

Meta Ytt

The Meta Ytts are an advanced form of the Ytt that allows them to transform into any character that has occurred in any of the campaigns. This was originally caused by a donator event that caused the existing Ytts to suddenly flicker between multiple characters. Meta Ytts seem to ignore timeline restrictions, and can transform into any past character no matter where the campaign takes place in the timeline.