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Yvander Mural.png
Race Dragon Aspect
Gender Female
Affiliations Unknown
Equipment None


Alias The Frostlord
Status Alive
First Appearance [[]]

Yvander, also known as The Frostlord, is the Dragon Aspect of Ice Magic. Followers of Yvander gain the Frostborn attribute.


At the very edge of the realms, Yvander sleeps in the remains of Ursazoll protected by the Winterstone which lowers temperatures in the regions to levels most mortals cannot survive in.

Powers & Abilities

Frost Stones

A build up of Ice magic creates Frost Stones, which are highly fragile, and will explode upon contact, freezing a large area around them and seriously damaging those close to them. Certain powerful Frostborn are able to create Frost Stones as well, such as Dalfgan. The largest Frost Stone, the Winterstone, is located at Ursazoll, created by Yvander.



Yvander has only one known child at this time, who is Dalfgan