Zarlin Catacombs

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This article is about the Location. For the Season 1 Campaign, see The Zarlin Catacombs.

Zarlin Catacombs

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Home To Beenu and Robots
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

The Zarlin Catacombs are ancient temples, made by the Beenu. They are located under The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, and appeared in The Zarlin Catacombs.


The Zarlin Catacombs are network of different corridors and rooms, and are full of advanced Beenu technology, such as Robots, Elemechs, a Mechasurfer, doors that are opened using Gemlings, as well as arrow traps. There is a room full of treasure that can only be accessed using a secret passage, a statue of a great paladin, and several areas with bookshelves and sofas that seem to have once been used by the Beenu.



A long time ago, the Beenu inhabited the Zarlin Temples, and built Robots and Elemechs to defend them. However, at some point in time, they were wiped out, and eventually became buried in the earth.

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One[edit]

As the Group of Wizards enter The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, the Receptionist, J.J., was giving a minor tour to the wealthy Gnome Magician, Morgana Marie. Some point during the tour, J.J. mentioned that below the Tower was the legendary Zarlin Catacombs, and that members of the Paladin Order were headed down there for the next wave of Exploration. Morgana, always wanting to see the Catacombs, bribes her way to also join the Paladins and get a tour of the Catacombs first hand.

The Zarlin Catacombs[edit]

Guild of Explorers[edit]

Duke Daring mentioned that he had conquered the Zarlin Catacombs. However, it is unknown if this is true or not.



  • In The Zarlin Catacombs, Rob used 2 separate maps for the Zarlin Catacombs, but they were both of the same area. The second map was used to reveal a hidden passageway that lead to some treasure, which couldn't be seen on the first map.