A Night to Remember

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Season 3
Air Date: July 28th, 2018
A Night to Remember
Experience Earned: 4,140
The Last Beenu
The Lightbeards

A Night to Remember is the 9th campaign of Season 3, and aired on July 28th, 2018.

The war of the Ageless is about to devour the much of the Realm in conflict, but this isn't the first time time that Ageless have threatened the living. Hawkthorn Draughwin, Feather of the Realm, is currently meeting with the rest of the Mana Arc about whether or not they should join forces with the Dwarves and go to war with the Ageless. Hawkthorn's youngest daughter Perdita, however, is much more casual about the idea that her world may be about to fall apart as she is hosting a party for one of her friends.



Character Race Class Player
Darcy Tarcial'Embeart Icon.png Darcy Tarcial'Embeart Elf Magician Justin
Janah Barringster Icon.png Janah Barringster Elf Sharpsword Roamin
Lucida Azveltara Icon.png Lucida Azveltara Azveltarian Templar Coestar
Perdita Draughwin Icon.png Perdita "Skag" Draughwin Elf Alchemist DeadBones


Character Race Class
Pablo Leomaris Pablo Leomaris Elf
Mia Gandolin Mia Gandolin Ageless Dwelf
Conner McAss Conner McAss Elf
Simon Lotus Simon Lotus Elf
Fox Sunsword Fox Sunsword Ageless Elf
Quineas Barringster Quineas Barringster Ageless Elf
Moley Moley Earth Spirit
Hawkthorn Draughwin Hawkthorn Draughwin Ageless Elf
Ladrian Cobbler Icon.png Ladrian Cobbler Ageless Elf / Wraith Bard
Bruce Willakers Icon.png Bruce Willakers Dvergr Warrior
Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Elf Paladin
Quintara Lotus Icon.png Quintara Lotus Dragon Aspect
Maelstrom Icon.png Maelstrom Kobold Sandbender
Jean Tarcial'Embeart Icon.png Jean Tarcial'Embeart Ageless Elf Magician
Morton Icon.png Morton Ageless Dwelf Peasant
Sallazhar Sintour Icon.png Sallazhar Sintour Elf
Douglass Winechester Icon.png Douglass Winechester Dwarf Berserker
  • - Cutscene Only
  • - Teaser Only

Battle Encounters[edit]


We start off in the home of two of the last Draughwin, Perdita "Skag" and her mother Hawkthorn. Perdita interrupts Pablo Leomaris interacting with Mia Gandalin to give them both some Drugs. Lucida Azveltara chats up Conner McAss, and Darcy Tarcial'Embeart chats up Fox Sunsword. Quinius Barringster crashes in and sees his sister Janah Barringster, who plans to burn down the house. Perdita kicks Pablo out for him trying to gather them all, who meet up with Lucida, who bond a bit over their annoyance at their parents but stay to watch the planed fire. Quinius brings up Spin the Bottle, and ends up having to spend some 'quality time' with his sister, falls for her, and they end up 'engaging' quite a bit as the party goes on without them most of the time. Justin kisses Mia as Perdita also joins in. As Lucida watches, Qinius takes up Perdita's offer to 'quickly re hydrate', nearly killing him but bringing Darcy's mole to life. Lucida is still drunk, and after meeting up with Mia for her turn, they both end up just cuddling and Connor ends up with taking both Perdita and Janah, and Fox takes Perdita and Darcy only to feel neglected before even getting any kisses. Finally Hawkthorn Draughwin returns home, angry at her daughter for the party, and the 2 of them fight over the fathers death. Hawkthorn warns her daughter that one day, she will have to grow up.

Sometime has passed, and the girls have all gathered once again in a graveyard to face the rise of a new threat of some Ageless, having teamed up with Hawkthorn and Fox to help with stopping Ageless before they rise. There been rumors of actual ageless sentience, and the girls charge in while Darcy unleashes a barrage of magic, wiping out the first wave with Siggneeos. On hearing Quinius cry for help, Lucida and Janah team up and clear the field to save him. Quinius is curious about the new elves he was with who said the ageless have a 'base camp', only for one to be revealed to be Ladrian Cobbler, who kidnaps the boy and flees. Lucida is flung into a tree from her own chaotic magic, and Darcy vanish in a poof of sand, leaving the rest of the team to try and handle the ageless elves and the horde of mindless. A failed disguise makes Perdita vulnerable, and Hawkthorn goes to defend her, only to die. Darcy and Perdita combine attacks to wipe out most of the other ageless, but even more spawn. Things look hopeless when Bruce Willakers and a young Virgo Sunsword show up and save most of them. Sadly, they aren't able to save Janah, who charges towards ageless with her Death's Edge and misses. Bruce takes out most of the ageless that surround her, but two are still left alive. Janah runs to the nearby catacombs, her face burning from ageless breath, and is subsequently taken into a painting by Sallazhar Sintour as a Fate Worse Than Death. No one else in the party notices this.

Another bit of time passes, after the war has ended. Perdita, Lucida, Darcy, and Fox meet up with Quintara Lotus herself for a day out shopping. Most of them admit they don't like Lynn, helping the de-drunk sister feel better. They also ask her about her relation with Galen, who is having some issues between the 2. First the visit Perditas husband Conner, who is selling hats, and Darcy buy a witch hat for her mole. Then they go see Mia for some spells for Fox. Lastly, they meet a mysterious individual literally selling junk and trash, but he also has Janah's family dagger, witch Fox confiscates, and he uses this to convince Quintara to trade him a certain cursed dagger in exchange for Galen's own diary. He also informs them all that Ladrian is still at the graveyard, and they decide to go back for revenge.

They arrive at the graveyard, only for Quintara to discover Galen is considering breaking up, and thus, after making a pact with Lucida to help her with her party, she vanishes. As they engage the ageless Cobbler, he sends his ageless children to block for him, including Quinius, who break his mind control for a moment, only to die from being eaten by Lucida in walrus form. Darcy holds off most of them with her new weapon, able to Carbonite nearly every ageless, and when Ladrian tries to flee, Perdita's weapon awakens, and she fires a barrage of Purify to kill him. Quintara returns and offers to take them back to town.

Sometime later, they are at Lucida's Birthday party, where everyone is giving her gifts. Most of the gift are not very important, but Perdita's is to dump her husband. Quintara takes him off the boat as well as awakens her weapon before leaving. Things are going well, when all of a sudden, a low-power Mana Bomb goes off, making a sizable hole in the ship and throwing it into chaos. Jean Tarcial'Embeart climbs up on deck, leading the pebble boys, while below deck, Morton leads another batch of Ageless. Among the ones on deck is Hawkthorn who can't bring herself to fight and flees for most of the battle. Lastly, Ladrian Cobbler arises as a Wraith to attack the living. Lucida's awakened staff does a bunch of powerful spells, attempting to turn the tide, but it only leads to disaster, including putting her and Darcy into the drink, allowing Morton to escape. Perdita battles against Ladrian, trying to face this unknown creature, only for Ladrian to eventually use Disguise to try and convince Perdita, who had just drunk her Delay Death Potion, to take his special Ageless poison. She refuses, but after Hawkthorn return to save her daughter, she convinces her daughter to not just die, but to join her as an ageless, she accepts and leaves with Hawthorn and Ladrian. While Darcy flees as an Owlrat, Lucina tries to return to save the remaining living people, only for her staff to unleash a Blanket of Death, killing her, and turning Fox, Mia and everyone remaining in the remains of the ship into ageless thralls.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of the campaign play out.
  • The characters listed above are introduced.
  • The Draughwin Elven family is established.
  • The "Feather of the Realm" position on the Mana Arc is established.
  • Hawkthorn Draughwin, Quineas Barringster, Mia Gandolin and Fox Sunsword become Ageless.
  • Wraiths are established.
  • The Lotus family is established as elven.

Minor Lore[edit]

  • The carbonite spell is established.
  • Walruses are established.

Notable Spoken Dialogue[edit]

  • Hawkthorn Draughwin convinces Perdita Draughwin to become Ageless and work as a spy on the Mana Arc. Whether this will occur is not 100% canon

Timeline Placement[edit]

  • Morton is Ageless. Therefore, Act 5 must take place after The Purge.
  • Jean Tarcial'Embeart and Ladrian Cobbler are Ageless. Therefore, Act 2 must take place after Act 3 of The Senate of Deadlantis.
  • Quintara Lotus has passed on her knowledge to Lyn Azveltara, granting her family the power to transform using their tattoos. Therefore, A Night to Remember must take place after Lyn Azveltara Gaiden.

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
A Night to Remember Teaser July 23, 2018
Character Creation - Episode 0 July 27, 2018
Episode 1 July 29, 2018
Episode 2 July 29, 2018
Episode 3 July 29, 2018
Episode 4 July 30, 2018
Episode 5 July 30, 2018
Episode 6 July 30, 2018
Episode 7 July 31, 2018
Divine Decision July 31, 2018
Episode 8 July 31, 2018
Finale - Episode 9 July 31, 2018
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