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Abracadab is a language spoken mostly by Magicians, though it can be learned by others given the right tuition or study. Unlike the Common Tongue, Abracadab is not simply a common use of words, but requires what is known as sleight of voice, allowing very simple words to express entire paragraphs or sentences of regular speech. These words are often similar to words in other languages.


Abracadab tends to express large concepts. However, it is important to note that the listener does not necessarily perceive this as words. For example, a word can express a scene, a picture, a memory or even a paragraph of a popular book in the Common Tongue.

As Abracadab can use the same spoken word to express multiple meanings, it is important to follow the accurate Phonology of each particular sleight.

Some simple examples of speech are listed below.

Spoken Word Meaning Notes
Yes A picture of a male dwarf waving. Used commonly as a greeting amongst dwarf magicians.
Yes A picture of an Elaphelk waving. Much more informal than the above, due in part to the silly nature of the message.
Yes Good morning, what a wonderful day. Expresses the sentence in the Common Tongue. This would require the receiver to be able to understand the Common Tongue.

All the above examples use the base sound "Yes".


"Dabber" is a colloquial slur for a magician that speaks the language. How widespread the term is used is yet unknown; the only documented use of the word is by Kobolds.


  • Abracadab also appears to be an acceptable term to refer to the land where this language is native; this land has also been referred to as "The Old Country".
  • The language's tendency to repeat a single word while using tone and inflection to convey meaning makes Abracadab somewhat similar to the language of the Kobolds. However, considering how the Kobold language is possibly fabricated and a running joke between the Kobolds, the comparison ends there.