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Ageless TL.png
Race All races, excluding Dvergr Dvergr Dwarves
First Appearance Silvermine Mountains

The Ageless are undead, skeletal beings, infused with dark magic.


Ageless are undead, skeletal beings infused with dark magic. They range from having sentient personalities to being zombie-like Thralls. Playable races have been shown to transform into Ageless through a dark magic ritual, creating a still sentient, undying person--or, alternatively, by coming in contact with the dragon Golestandt's black smoke breath, which transforms the victim into a mindless thrall. Thralls can also breathe this smoke, spreading Agelessness like a zombie virus.

Ageless, for the most part, take skeletal forms, but sentient Ageless have the ability to use dark illusion magic to reform their skin and blood, making them appear like a regular living creature. Ageless are, for the most part, unkillable. They can feel pain, but they are immortal, immune to poisons, and have no need to eat, breathe, or sleep. They also do not age. Ageless can reform severed and damaged body parts with their inherent magicness. The only way to truly destroy an Ageless is to smash their skull, freeing their soul from their body. This works for both thralls, as well as intelligent Ageless. They are said to have a magic “Sixth Sense” that they use to read people’s souls. This allows them to identify individuals as other Ageless, or living beings.

Virgo Sunsword and the Sunsword family have devoted themselves to the destruction of all Ageless, and the containment of Golestandt. Paladins have also been shown to be enemies of the Ageless, being followers of The Light, and against dark magics.

The closest thing to an organised Ageless civilization is the large underwater city of Deadlantis. Deadlantis is a safe haven for Ageless from the Sunswords, because it’s located at the bottom of the ocean, making them, along with bottom feeders, the only beings that can live down there. This city is ruled by a Council known as the Senate of Deadlantis, composed of 4 political parties. The Senate mainly focuses on matters within the City, and is evenly divided on what to do when it comes to the surface world.

Bopen the Skeleton King's is the proclaimed King of the Ageless, although many Ageless treat him as an equal and not as a superior. Him and his Pirate Crew plunder the Realm, stealing Treasure and People, and either turning those people Ageless or killing them off.

The Cult of Bones is another example of the Ageless drive to spread. The Cult of Bones worships Golestandt, as well as other dark divines, such as Colin the Behemoth. The Cult dreams of uniting all life in undying harmony by turning all people into Ageless. Their motivation is to try to revert the world back to a time similar to before The Birth of Magic. Both turning processes have been seen to be used by the cult, showing their indifference to the type of Ageless created. Some Goblins belonging to the Flesh Weavers have also been seen to be Ageless. The Cult of Bones, as well as Ageless in general, are closely affiliated with Cabalists.


The first ageless were created after mermaids sucked all of the life energy out of their living bodies.



Notable Ageless[edit]

Notable Thralls[edit]


  • Once someone is turned into an Ageless, their taste buds began to enjoy eating almost anything.
  • Jormr from Woodcarvers and Reno Gillgully from Buckeroos were almost Ageless, but they were removed from their Characters for Roleplay reasons.
  • Dvergr Dvergr Dwarves are unable to turn into Ageless, because they have skeletons made out of rock.
    • Conversely, it appears that all Spiders are Ageless, being the first race to be completely Ageless.
    • Mermaids are also an entire race of Ageless.
  • The breath from the Aspect of Dark Magic, Golestandt, can turn others into Thralls.
  • Ageless can transform between a skeleton form and their race before they became ageless.
  • The Herald of Bones attribute allows the character the ability to bring others back to life as Ageless.