Air Sprites

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Air Sprites

Sprite PH.png
Race Elemental
Hostile No
Affiliations Theurgists, Elementals
Capable of Speech No
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Air Sprites are Elementals that may be summoned using air, by Theurgists with the Summon Air Sprites ability.


Once a Theurgist uses Summon Air Sprites, four Air Sprites are summoned into the exact location that the summoner desires. Once summoned, they are controlled by the game master on the summoners turn. The summoner may instruct the game master to either move the Air Sprites before or after their respective turn. While the game master may control the Air Sprites, they will make sure the Air Sprites fight on the side of the playing party. It is possible that a summoned Air Sprite may become rogue and will attack anything nearby.


Air Sprites are described as wispy embodiments of air itself. They do not have faces, limbs, or any appendages unless otherwise stated.