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RaceAgeless Gnome
AliasLittle Elf
  • The Skeleton King
  • The Senate of Deadlantis
  • The Yes King
  • SeasonsSeason Two Season Three Season Four

    Are'ani is an Ageless Okagnoma Gnome Witch played by Deadbones in The Skeleton King. Are'ani is a newly transformed Ageless, and the newest member of Bopen the Skeleton King's pirate crew. While a new member, Are'ani quickly rose through the ranks to be one of Bopen's higher regarded shipmates, largely due to her latent Dreamweaver abilities.



    Are'ani is a female Gnome with several deformities. She was born with dull glowing tattoos covering her face and upper chest, a horn protruding from her forehead, a large fang, and with her arms and left ear being covered in hair to the point of resembling Kobolds. Are'ani has shoulder length hair and has several earrings in both ears. When initially seen, Are'ani wears a large cloak that completely covers her body, with only her horn protruding through the hood's opening.


    Are'ani is a vengeful Gnome, out to kill her former captor. While she waits for the right time, Are'ani is also very self-preserving, giving up her own soul to become Ageless instead of death. Though she is quick to question the methods of others, she is also quick to adjust to the Ageless life, becoming a valuable asset to Bopen, but also a powerful crew member. She is also drawn to power, quickly using her Medusa powers to control Krungor to be her slave.


    Are'ani was quick to be accepted by the crew, adjusting to the odd foods that Luca prepares and following the orders of Clott well. She was very frightened of Bopen, out of fear of his power. When she tried to seduce him with her sensual Medusa powers, he resisted without much effort. This caused her to be frightful of him, hanging on his every word and following his orders to the T.

    In The Senate of Deadlantis, Are'ani attempted to charm Phineas Barringster using her medusa powers, but it backfired, and Are'ani became Phineas's mind slave.

    Powers & Abilities[edit]


    Witch Abilities[edit]




    • Nader's Old Cane





    • Pig Shield: Killed during the fight with Bopen's crew.



    Are'ani was born to a normal Gnome family, who, while taken back by her deformed appearance, accepted their daughter, horned tattoos and all. They attempted to keep her hidden away for her safety, but Are'ani decided to play outside. This resulted in her being captured, caged and sold off to a man named Ohm'an Al'sadur. He displayed, tortured and played with her for years up until Are'ani discovered her Medusa powers. She utilized these powers to escape her captivity, hijacking a group of peasants to sail away.

    The Skeleton King[edit]

    Are'ani had charmed several peasants into sailing a boat away from town, when it is attacked by Bopen the Skeleton King and his crew. Though she fought for her life, she and her charmed minions where defeated and interrogated by Bopen himself. Bopen had asked them all if they would convert over to his crew of Ageless, or die. Are'ani was one of few to take the mythical king's offer.

    Now among the crew, Bopen held a private counsel with the deformed Gnome. There, he urged her to attempt to control his mind, but to her surprise, proved to be unable to ever do it. Now with Are'ani under Bopen's fear, he gifted her an old cane once wielded by Nader.

    The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

    The Yes King[edit]


    Are'ani was killed by Bopen for showing him a vision he despised.


    • Are'ani is the first Dreamweaver to lack any Dreamweaver skills, other than seeing events of the past and future.
    • If Are'ani used her Legendary, Nader's Old Cane, to save a character, she would cause a Sin of The Unforgotten.
    • Are'ani was the original character to be featured on the Witch's class cards in Season 3.