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The Realm is filled with different items, weapons and trinkets created by Divines Aspects or other extraordinary Beings. These artifacts have extraordinary power which can range from resurrecting the dead to killing divines.

God-slaying Artifacts[edit]

Artifact Description Creator Owner Previous Owners
Susurflame / Susurmar A blade created by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus as a gift to Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga. It goes by multiple names, having been called Susurmar by Rohbear Leomaris, but Susurflame by Nisovin. This blade has been used to battle multiple Divine Beings after the Birth of Magic. Virgo used it against Divine Aspect Thor, Venomburner the Divine child of Thor & ascended Virendra. It was lost in a cave afterwards and found later by Bromas which unsuccessfully fought a Whelping. Lunk is the last user of the Blade and slayed multiple Whelpings in the same cave Virgo fought Virendra. However it was ultimately dropped in lava. Its unknown if the blade was destroyed or if it was immune to the heat of the magma. Quintara Lotus None Lunk, Virgo, Rohbear Leomaris, Vlaurunga
Junkyosha Description Goldstandt Maelstrom Lyn Azveltara, Ghostblade, Quintara Lotus, Maelstrom
Alistar Kachingmen Model 47 A weapon created by Alistar Kachingmen a gnomish inventor who got the design from the world of the Old Gods. This weapon was sold by the Goblin Cooper to Gherkin. This weapon was never properly used by Gherkin who ultimately died after attempting to assassinate a Nisovin. Nisovin took ownership of the gun and used it to arrest the murderers of Bruce Willakers except Ghostblade & David Tink. This is one of the few non-divine created weapons able to kill Divine Beings. Its speculated Alistar is a gnome who is aware of the Old Gods. Alistar Kachingmen Nisovin Gherkin
Meowzer Meowzer is also known as the instrument of Destruction. Any spell casted with this instrument channels the power of the wowzer which allow it to hurt divines. It was never used by Nesbin probably before he was arrested by the Grand Paladin Order and Azan. The Wowzers The Grand Paladin Order Nesbin
The Queens Gemstaff A staff crafted by Quintara Lotus the Dragon Aspect of Arcane which was given to Lyn Azveltara after she climbed the Tower of Ultimate Wizardy. The Staff was given by Lyn Azveltara to her sister Lucida Azveltara. The true power of the staff was revealed during Lucida Azveltara's birthdate party which resulted in her death after she channeled [{Legendary / Blanket of Death}]. Quintara Lotus Lost Lucida Azveltara
Dragonfist Gauntlets Not much is known about these gauntlets except they were crafted by Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga before the Birth of Magic. These Gauntlets are powerful enough to hurt divines. Vlaurunga Folshe Drocha Quintara Lotus


A legendary weapon which was found in the stomach of a Whelpling in the Den of Devils by Jebediah. This weapon can release the legendary Dreamweaver spell Empahversion which was used to slay multiple Whelplings. Unknown Jebediah N/A
[Gwyneth's Duskblade] A Duskblade which was given to Gwyneth's Mother from Sun Dragon God Phanto. Unlike other Duskblades it seem to draw power from the light rather than death which is odd considering its creator. This blade was used to slay Venomburner during the events of The Grand Paladin Order. This Blade is powerful enough to slay Divine Beings. Phanto Gwyneth Sunsword Gwyneth's Mother

Artifacts of Resurrection[edit]

Artifact Description Creator Owner Previous Owners
Goblet of Mysteries A Golden Goblet which was locked away in the Grand Paladin Order Vault. Its power was unlock by Fjord during the event of the Great Ageless Purge. It was revealed to contain the blood of the old gods which could be used to bring a character back to life.However the contents of the Goblet was washed away in the ocean after Fjord was pushed into the water. It was stolen by Bopen and given to Morton after he slayed Fjord and Lance. The power of the Goblet of Mysteries is yet to be rediscovered. Old Gods Morton Fjord
Greater Lay on Hands Greater Lay on Hands is a Legendary Spell which is often casted by Great Paladins using insanely rare Spell Scrolls. Bromas used this powerful magic to combat Whelplings in the Den of Devils. Galen used this spell when they fought the Venomburner to resurrect Heathera Stonemason which caused him to commit a Sin of the Unforgotten. He would later encounter the spell when he met Charley Kinson which had acquired it from Sallazhar Sintour, a black market salesman. Unknown Virgo, Galen, Bromas, Sallazhar Sintour, Charley Kinson

Unclassified Artifacts[edit]

Artifact Description Creator Owner Previous Owners
Dragon Egg Dragon Eggs are eggs created by Dragonfly using Creation Magic which are activated by Divine Aspects or Dragon Aspects. These Dragon Eggs will hatch into feral Whelplings which can be brought to Divinity by Vlaurunga if she implants the Sigil of Flame onto its chest. Nisovin and the Guild of Explorers acquired a normal Fire Egg and an Arcane Egg fertilized by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus from the Den of Devils. Trandon Barringster also acquired a Fire Egg from the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. Dragonflies Nisovin, Trandon N/A
Living Arm of Rokesh A branch which was found in the Den of Devils by Karl Landers merged with him. This connected Karl with Dragon Aspects Rokesh which allows Karl to reshaped his arm to created bows and other weapons. Its unknown if this bow is powerful enough to slay Divine Aspects. Rokesh Karl Landers N/A