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Ascension is the process through which the purest, most well-rounded of beings can achieve a large amount of raw power and strength, by fulfilling certain conditions.

The Song of Dragons[edit]

The conditions of Ascension are laid out in a sonnet that has been passed down to the Races of the Realms from the Dragon Sun Gods Phanto and Kallisto. The Sun Gods taught the Elves this song before the Birth of Magic, and the Elves turned it into a ceremony, while the Dwarves - who were taught it by Thor - used it as an oath to show their dedication to the Light.

These words I echo are older than time.
My path to be reborn, my death to be defined.

I will train my body, I will focus my mind.
I will master the Light, I will always be kind.

This life is a gift, not given by the gods,
But born from our emotions, against all the odds.

I choose this path, and I choose this right.
The only choice left is to choose the night.

Ascension Ceremony[edit]

Young Elves undergo a ceremony in which they come of age and are from then on treated as adults. Elves have been seen to have massive gatherings to celebrate this event, and some of them invite many wealthy and famous guests. To fully complete their ascension, the young Elf must repeat the Song of Dragons.


By ascending, the being immediately morphs into a Whelpling, and gains an insane amount of power - enough even to stop a Divine Being in their tracks. As a part of this process, the being loses all control of their mind for some time as the power gets to their head, and they strike out in rage at all around them. Over time, the new Whelpling will grow into a full Dragon, and eventually become a Dragon God.


Character Player Campaign
Maelstrom Icon.png Maelstrom Rob The Sandbolds
Virendra Willakers Icon.png Virendra Willakers Spiff The Lightbeards


Maelstrom ascended while confronting the Sandbolds, despite not fulfilling all of the conditions of the Song of Dragons. He did this by exploiting a loophole in the Realm, through his knowledge of the Old Gods. By knowing that he was merely being controlled by someone else, he decided that he should not be at fault for all of his terrible actions, and so he was innocent of his crimes. Realising this was what allowed him to ascend and strike down the remaining Sandbolds around him.

Virendra Willakers[edit]

Virendra, being pure of heart, and having focused her body and mind to server the Light, was able to ascend in order to protect her husband, Bruce Willakers from being killed by the rampaging Thor. In her burst of power, Virendra was able to encase Thor in bronze, but then she started to go mad, attacking all those around her. After breathing wild magic at the people around her, Virendra flew away into a nearby cave. Bruce and Virgo Sunsword confronted her, and after a back and forth, resulting in Virgo losing one of his eyes, he was able to plunge Sursurmar into Virendra's chin, pinning her to the ceiling. Bruce then picked up Virgo and began to run from the cave as it collapsed, and as he looked back, Virgo saw the body of Virendra shimmer and disappear, still leaving Sursurmar embedded in the ceiling.


  • The Elves, despite knowing the Song of Dragons for longer than the Dwarves, were unable to ascend before the Birth of Magic, as they were immortal.